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Public speaking is a vital skill. The ability to coherently and confidently present one’s ideas and perspective is the cornerstone of impressing and influencing other people.  To a student, such skills are necessary for project presentations. For businesspeople, public speaking skills provide an edge in conferences, meetings, and seminars. As for politicians and activists, and indeed anybody who regularly addresses a group of people, it is the bedrock of their career. Public speakers excite and inspire, rally and heal, and bridge gaps between different peoples. These skills translate into one’s personal life. Successful public speakers are more confident, calmer in stressful situations, and are more eloquent prior to their public speaking experiences. Public speaking, in short, is a life skill.

Among my many hats is that of a public speaking instructor. Working solo or as part of a team, I have held intensive coaching sessions in the art of public speaking and debating at Xinmin Secondary School, Nanyang Junior College, and the Young Men’s Christian Association. All this was practice for the Real World.

Now, I’m part of the Public Speaking Academy. We offer customisable programs in the art of public speaking, debating, social communication, interviews, and oral presentations, incorporating proven techniques, cutting-edge research, and personal experiences in this field. Our mission is to transform our students into competent and confident public speakers. If you represent a school or corporation with a need for comprehensive public speaking skills training, contact us and we will strive to exceed your requirements.

For more elaboration on the trainers and teaching methods (not to mention a mouthful of buzzwords), please proceed here. Please note that I am NOT in charge of quotations and sundry business affairs; please use the official PSA e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Advertisement: Public Speaking Academy
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