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Everybody has secrets. Secrets about yourself are the hardest to tell. Now try telling them to the world.

Meet 19-year-old Elsa Xu. As Elsa X, she is a musician, writer, and photographer. In March, she will release her concept album, 2sides, at 2sides is her story.

2sides explores the two sides of her life: the side she shows to the world, and the side that faces her inner demons. 2sides is an exposure of the reality of bipolar disorder. It is the story of the human side of mental illness. It is a story of pain, hope, truth, and rebirth.

Sample tracks are currently available at her Facebook page. This initiative is supported by Audible Hearts. All content has been cleared by the Health Promotion Board.

Disclaimer: I have not and will not receive any kind of payment or favour for this advertisement.


Author’s note: Elsa Xu is fictitious. She, and the concepts behind 2sides, is the brainchild of a group of Nanyang Technological University students working on their Final Year Project.

*End Spoiler*

Advertisement: 2sides
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