Survey on Blogging and Mainstream Media

Last month, I started a one-man research project. It is the climax of my diploma course in media management, investigating consumer perceptions of blogging and the mainstream media. I’m looking into what people think of socio-pol blogs, and why they think this way. I’m also looking for correlations between perceptions of bloggers, and gender, perceptions of the mainstream media, frequency of consumption, or a combination thereof. There is very little information available about this subject, at least in Singapore, and I’m keenly interested doing my bit to correct this.

As part of this project, I’ll be conducting an online survey. If you’re 18 years old or older, and a regular reader of socio-political blogs (and hopefully the mainstream media too), I’d like you to spend the next 10 minutes or so to answer the questionnaire. All personal data will be kept strictly confidential and for research purposes only. The survey can be found here.

Feel free to spread the word via e-mail, Facebook, your personal blogs, and whatever else you can think of. Thanks for your time.

Survey on Blogging and Mainstream Media

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