Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Today marks my fifth anniversary as a blogger. It’s odd. I’d never thought I’d be blogging for so long. What started out as an impulse had become something so much more. Somewhere along the way, my online writing and musings had taken a life of their own, growing into a part of my identity. I’d like to think that in some small corner of the world, my past writing had inspired action, done some good in this world. But I’m too cynical to believe that what I’d written did much of anything at all.

Though I may introduce myself as a blogger, I don’t define myself as a one. This blog is just part of a wider body of work, the political branch of the nonfiction wing of my writing. My heart lies in fiction, and indeed I spend most of my writing time on fiction. Also, my writing doesn’t pay the bills. My blogging won’t – I’m hoping my fiction will. While I’ve taken some lessons from blogging, it’s just not going to take up any larger part of my life than it occupies now.

Ironically enough, I may find myself blogging more often in the future. Just not over here. I’ve been offered a job writing feature articles for The Online Citizen. The money would sure be nice. While I might accept the job, I will not be a full-fledged member of TOC. It’s more akin to a freelancer working for a newspaper at arm’s length. I prefer remaining as independent as possible, though I realise that complete independence (if only the perception of independence) might be impossible should I accept TOC’s money. I don’t know how much work I’ll be doing for TOC yet, but I do know that it will affect my blog and I would have to take steps to get around this. I do intend to keep this blog going, but the frequency of my posts here might change. So might the content – I’m thinking of taking this blog in different directions, but nothing is set in stone yet. Right now, I’m just a jumper on the brink of tomorrow, calculating angles and vectors before taking the inevitable leap of faith.

But I’m feeling optimistic today. A new year has come. It’s another year full of potential, and I’ll strive to make the most of it.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
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