The Wheel of Change

Ten years.

Ten years ago, I was just another nobody, hashing out so-called stories on tired second-hand computers. Today I stand at the threshold of authordom. My story is written and polished, and just about ready to go. I am weeks, maybe days away from publishing. I’m just waiting on the final edition of the cover art, and a final edit of the manuscript. Sure, I’ve published fiction before. But this time it’s different. This time, I’m doing this as a professional fiction author. No more free web fiction. No more practice pieces. No more pseudonyms and anonymous pieces. This story will be published under my name, and it will be priced at fair value. It’s going to be a whole new world.

I was a writer long before I was a blogger. I haven’t made much mention of it much here, or on my previous blog, but fiction is my calling. Has been for the past ten years. While I spent the last five years writing about politics on the Internet, my identity as a blogger has always been subordinate to that as a writer. It’s always been amusing to see that people think of me primarily as a blogger or a student, maybe both, and almost never as a writer. But then, I don’t draw attention to my fiction works. Not when they were still unformed, still clawing to express something deeper, something truer, than what my skills allowed me to produce. With the coming of my story, I will redefine my public self. This time as myself.

There will be changes on the horizon. This blog will change, as it has changed with me over the years. I can’t afford to set up a separate website solely for my books, and I don’t think sales from the story will cover the costs. Therefore, I have to rely on this blog, and the other social media I use (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter) to market my works. More than that, I need it to represent who I am.

This blog once covered my views on politics. Now, it will cover a broader spectrum of topics. Including my writing, of course, but it will also include other topics of personal interest. Off the top of my head, I can think of writing, self-publishing, business, and philosophy. Previously, I didn’t have enough time or motivation to blog more than once a month. With the coming of the story, I suppose I will have an incentive to blog more often. I’m hoping I’ll actually have the time and energy to blog more often, too.

I’ll be using the blog to sell my stories too. I’m thinking of posting links on the sidebar, and creating a new page specifically for my fiction. This story, this novella, won’t be a one-off event. It’s only the beginning of my career as a professional writer. I’m already working on my next story, in fact. And it’ll be just one of many to come. Once I thought I could win a few awards and make a boatload of money. Now, I’ll settle for being true to myself.

Publishing the story won’t produce very many short-term changes. It won’t make me an overnight sensation, or propel me to the ranks of the nouveau riche. It probably won’t even be a blip on the literary radar. But it will mark the start of some long-term changes. Making money from writing is just one of them. I don’t pretend to see everything on the horizon, but I think I’m ready to face what will come. The road I’ve walked for the past decade is coming to a close. I feel the wheel of change rolling in my blood, spinning a new path from the end of the old. I can’t make out the shape of the new road from here – which merely means I’ll have to figure it out as I go along. So it’s time to spin the wheel, and start walking down this new road.

And as for the title of the story: Eventual Revolutions.

The Wheel of Change

4 thoughts on “The Wheel of Change

  1. I shall be looking forward to your new book. I wont mind paying for it. But pls autograph it for me. If one day you really made it to the likes of Catherine Lim, then at least I got your 1st edition with me! Cheers!

    1. Thanks. But, well…it’s a going to be an ebook. No chance for autographs unless you print out a copy, I’m afraid.

  2. Good on you Benjamin! You gotta stay true to yourself and to your dreams. It’s good your trying to be realistic that artistic endeavours don’t always bring riches and fame instantly (apparently you need to win X Factor for that), but like all great authors, you get better the more you write, the older you get, the more feedback you receive and learning from your past. As someone who has dabbled in non-professional writing, but would like to eventually write something for public consumption (beyond academia), I advise not to hold to your first work as your best piece, or your worst, but to take every story and work as its own beast and has its own qualities and failings. (if that makes sense).

    But all the best – I look forward to the opportunity to read your book, if you can make it available in Australia (or to post to Australia) 😀

    1. Thanks! The story will be an ebook, and it will be published on every major digital platform: Apple iBooks, Amazon, Nook, etc. it will be available all around the world – and you don’t need to pay any shipping charges!

      (Looks like you and Gintai beat me to that announcement. Oh well…)

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