Eventual Revolutions Pre-release Announcement

After setbacks, delays, countless hours poring over minutiae, and almost infinite tweaking, I’m proud to report that my upcoming novella, Eventual Revolutions, will be published on 16 December 2011. Eventual Revolutions is a mystic thriller. You can think of it as a blend of urban fantasy and crime thriller, with an emphasis on introspection, spiritual development, and realism.  Eventual Revolutions runs to 30 A4-size pages, about 15000 words. The novella will be released on Smashwords, and will be distributed on several major ebook outlets.

Here’s the cover art. Click for full image.

Cover art

Kit Foster helped me design the cover. You can contact him here.

Executive Summary

Michael Chang, professional magician, is hard-up and needs cash fast. Accepting a job to return a missing girl home, he is soon faced with demons and gangsters, and has to confront the ghosts of his past.

Frequently (and not so frequently) Asked Questions

1. Will there be a print edition?

Not for the time being. It’s not cost-effective for me to run a print edition for Eventual Revolutions: either I make a loss, or I have to price the book at obscenely high prices.

That said, there will be a print edition. As soon as I have enough material to churn out a decent-sized book, I will be producing print editions of my stories.

2. Where can I buy it?

I’ll be publishing the story on Smashwords. When accepted to the SmashWords Premium Catalogue, it will be available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and Diesel.

3. How much is it?

The novella will be priced at USD $3.99, though I’ll be running price experiments as time goes by.

4. Do you have a website or an author’s page?

Currently, it’s not economical for me to start a website. However, I do have a Facebook page, and I’ll be working on my profile page on Smashwords. Do tell all your friends about my page!

For the time being, my blog will be wearing two hats. In addition to writing about sociopolitical matters, I’ll also be discussing writing-related matters on this blog. Depending on how things work out, I might eventually switch to a new blog, use the website, or figure out something else.

5. What do you write about?

My writing tends to be cross-genre. In addition to mystic thrillers, I’m currently exploring military science fiction and occult noir. While Michael Chang is my flagship character, he won’t be my only series. To me, genre isn’t as important as the message. I think about what to write about, and then fit the genre and the setting to what I want to write.

That said, my writing does have several common themes. I write about violence, moral character, changing times, and human transcendence. Expect politics, current affairs, some familiar and not-so-familiar mythologies, and meditations on human nature and society.

6. What comes after Eventual Revolutions?

I have a number of story ideas in my head. Some chronicle the continuing adventures of Michael Chang. Others explore the impact of technology on society and human behaviour, explore a world populated by Lovecraftian horrors and Boschian nightmares, the future of war, things like that. Right now, I’ve finished the first draft of a short story that takes place a fortnight after Eventual Revolutions. In this story, Michael is asked to watch over a pair of young women, and his skills are soon put to the test. The story will (ideally) be published in late January/early February 2012. And the working title: Watchman.

Eventual Revolutions Pre-release Announcement
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