New ebook store

I’ve received feedback from some readers that they would rather buy ebooks directly from me. I have to agree with that sentiment: signing up for a Smashwords account just to buy one person’s books is a bit inconvenient, and ereaders are not available in Singapore.

I do have a solution in mind. I intend to set up a website with an incorporated and fully-automated ebook store. Unfortunately, I can’t afford that now – and even if I did, it would take a while to get everything online.

In the meantime, I’m introducing a stopgap measure: a page that serves as an ebook store. It’s not exactly pretty, but it’ll do the job until I can afford a more permanent solution. To buy Eventual Revolutions – and future stories – you may make your order through that page.┬áPlease note that you won’t be dealing with me through the store – you’ll be dealing with my staff.

Right now, we only accept payment through PayPal, and we will send purchases in .pdf format. We’re still new to this business, and we’re ironing out the kinks in our order process. Any and all feedback is welcome.

New ebook store

4 thoughts on “New ebook store

  1. I wish you great luck with your e-book sales! It will be fun to hear how successful this turns out for you. I’m sure all writers are considering this option these days. Most times writers must network themselves. Good luck!

    1. Oh, don’t worry about it. I can afford it right now if I have to – it’s just that right now, I don’t need a website. But thanks for your offer.

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