Now offering: Writers' Services

I have a decade of experience writing, editing, re-writing, promoting and selling e-fiction. Along the way, I picked up a set of very interesting skills, skills many writers would find very useful. I find myself in the unique position of being able to offer editing, consulting, and formatting services.

Editing is self-explanatory. But let me explain the other two.

Authenticity is the watchword of modern fiction. As a consultant, I can help you create truly authentic characters caught in dangerous situations. Violence is a hugely complex issue. Different people approach and react to violence in many ways, some of them very subtle. I can help writers navigate this world and produce the best action scenes and characters they can write.

Recently, I’ve received queries about ebook formatting. It seems a lot of people out there have ebooks, but need formatting. I’m no expert, and I don’t have the tools to format for specialist ereaders. But if you’re planning to publish on Smashwords, or on your blog or website, I can help you format your work. Case-by-case basis only.

I’ve added a new page on this blog, titled ‘Writers’ Services’. Do take a look if you need my services.

Now offering: Writers' Services
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