2013 Writing Resolutions

In 2012 I achieved most of the goals I set out to achieve. I finished the first batch of Michael Chang stories, participated in a competition, blogged (a bit) more often, got on social media, started work on the next batch of stories, even made a bit of money out of writing. But there were things I didn’t do. I thought I could have started the website, put the stories out to print, automated the ebook purchasing process and blogged more often.

In 2013, I want to do more. I want to make up for the failings of 2012, and maybe expand my writing skills and repertoire. With this in mind, these are my goals for 2013.

1. ¬†Write 3 novels. In 2012 I produced a concept for a post-post apocalyptic military science fiction cyberpunk trilogy (yes, that’s a mouthful!). Tentatively titled Eschaton, the series will take my writing to a different direction. I only hope I can live up to its aspirations.

2. Write at least 6 other stories. I figure I should get into writing short fiction sooner or later. 2013 seems to be the best chance for doing this.

3. Blog more often (at least once a fortnight)

4. Get the website up and running, with automated ebook purchase options.

5. Get the Michael Chang stories into print.

6. Negotiate a way to bring the Michael Chang anthology into Singaporean bookshops.

To be honest, I’m not even sure I can accomplish all this. It’s a lot of stuff to do, and I need to get a real job come 2013. ¬†But to do big things, you have to dream big. And I sure want to do big things in 2013.

2013 Writing Resolutions

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