At All Costs: Live in Kindle Select



On the misnamed world of Paradise, the Republic of Eden and the Terran Federation battle over the only island that can support life. The Edenists have deployed a psychic sensor net that grants them information dominance. The Terrans reply with Viper Team, an elite squad of psychic commandos. The team is inserted into the island to wrest control of the sensors, paving the way for a ground invasion. Viper Team must not fail. Their only option is victory. At all costs.

At All Costs is exclusively available on the Kindle store.


Normally I’m opposed to exclusive distribution. Especially Amazon-exclusive distribution. For one thing, I can’t find my books on the Kindle Store. For another, neither will anybody who live in countries without Kindle.

But I’m also a businessman, and the majority of sales of American Sons┬ácome from Amazon. Amazon also has the best and most extensive range of marketing tools available to publishers. So I’m willing to try an experiment.

My current ┬ánovella, At All Costs, will be enrolled in Kindle Select for the next 90 days. Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll play around with the promotional tools and see how they work. For folks who don’t have access to Kindle. I must ask for your patience; At All Costs will be made available on all major ebook vendors near the third or fourth quarter of the year.

Until then, keep an eye out for my next work, Keepers of the Flame.

At All Costs: Live in Kindle Select
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