New Year, New Direction

In my last post, I wrote about letting go and beginning again. It’s time to put that into practice.

I don’t see myself talking about politics on this blog any more. For one thing, that’s what my writing on The Independent is going to be about. For another, well, my contract includes a non-compete clause and I keep to my word. That part of my blogging is over.

So, what am I going to blog about?

Writing comes to mind. Excerpts from my current stories. Publicity pieces. Updates are a given, so are thoughts and lessons learned from writing. Maybe — maybe — experimental stories. Shots and stories from events, if I ever get around to them.

I’m learning other things too, picking up other interests. I’ve been wandering into the fields of everyday carry and tools, martial arts, spirituality and meditation. If I think of anything worth sharing, it’ll come up here. As a corollary, reviews of stuff I’ve used along the way.

Multimedia? Maybe. In my short time with the Independent I’m learning about integration of media into online content. How to do it properly, and its benefits. When I learn enough, you’ll probably see more pictures here. Videos, even.

I get the sense 2014 is going to be an interesting year.  Evolution awaits, and this blog will evolve with me.

New Year, New Direction
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