American Sons

(American Heirs #1)

Emerging from the ashes of a post-post-apocalyptic America, the Republic of Cascadia claims to be the sole successor of the old North American Union. Yet a hundred years after the Apocalypse, this oasis in the wastes still faces threats foreign and domestic. Cascadia’s elite Combat Studies Unit stands ever ready to defend the fledging nation.

Master Sergeant Christopher Miller is the Unit’s newest team leader. Following a mission on a hacker collective, Cascadia’s national intelligence machinery uncovers evidence of an emerging terrorist organisation, the Sons of America. And Miller has childhood links to them.

Struggling to gain the confidence of his men and partners, Miller must leverage his past and uncover the terrorist plot and prevent the coming of a second Apocalypse.

You can purchase this story directly from me here.

If you have an ereader, you can also find it on Smashwords and Amazon.

American Sons
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