Month: January 2015

Revisiting Writing and Marketing

In the days and weeks following the publication of Keepers of the Flame, I’ve been writing short stories and novellas, some standalone, some proof-of-concepts for future stories. It was practice, and it was to build up a portfolio of works for submission. But through the pen I am beginning to uncover the enigma that is […]

More Laws, More Crime

In 1920, the United States passed the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, outlawing the production, sale and transportation of alcohol. The next thirteen years saw an upshot in banditry, the rise of organised crime on the backs of alcohol smuggling, gang violence, police corruption and an international alcohol smuggling racket that raked in millions of dollars […]

Adapting to #VATMESS

Thanks to the European Union’s new Value Added Tax rules, it has become less profitable for independent writers like me to distribute ebooks through platforms like Amazon and Smashwords. Previously I attempted to get around additional tax burdens through selling directly to customers using CoinLock, Gumroad and Shopify. Unfortunately, the new VAT ruling makes me liable […]

Into 2015

When I look back, 2014 was the year in which I approached the cusp of achieving my professional goals. I published Keepers of the Flame and sold War Crimes, exceeding my goals of 2014. I’m working on other projects, pursuing my other interests, and one day I hope I can share them with you here. In 2015, I […]

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