Adapting to #VATMESS

Thanks to the European Union’s new Value Added Tax rules, it has become less profitable for independent writers like me to distribute ebooks through platforms like Amazon and Smashwords. Previously I attempted to get around additional tax burdens through selling directly to customers using CoinLock, Gumroad and Shopify. Unfortunately, the new VAT ruling makes me liable for filing VAT-related paperwork, including tracking customer address data and paying VAT to the EU member states. There is also a degree of legal ambiguity regarding exchanging ebooks for Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies — while Bitcoin is not considered a legal currency in Europe, the ebook is still a digital product subject to VAT rules.  The new VAT regulations favour huge corporations and places onerous burdens on small businesses like mine.

Consequently, I have deactivated my Gumroad and Shopify accounts, and will no longer be using CoinLock. Instead, I have switched to a new platform, Payhip, which will handle VAT for me. This allows me to focus on the business of writing quality works instead of pleasing paperwork-obssessed bureaucrats. However, Payhip does not have a native distribution or publicity mechanism. This is where you come in.

I am offering a 30% discount to all readers who share my Payhip ebooks on social media. To receive your discount, all you have to do is select the option for a social discount and share the links to my ebooks on Facebook and Twitter. This discount will last indefinitely.

You can find links to my current books below:

At All Costs

American Sons

Keepers of the Flame

I have also updated my bibliography page to reflect these new links.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to delivering high-quality stories to you instead of spending my days cleaning up the #VATMESS.

Adapting to #VATMESS
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