Directions for 2018


I don’t like writing New Year resolutions. At least, I won’t speak of them. Announcing your goals, resolutions, or plans tricks your brain into feeling that you’ve already accomplished your aims, thus reducing your drive to accomplish your goals.

Instead, I’m going to discuss my directions for 2018. Both in my personal capacity as an ordinary person–and as Herald of the Pulp Revolution and Revival.

Steemit Fiction

Earlier this year, my experiments with serial fiction have paid off much better than my original expectations. My fellow Pulp Revolutionaries have likewise enjoyed incredible success with their own stories. @noughtshayde‘s The Candyman, @jimfear138‘s Fire on the Bayou and @NotJohnDaker‘s Necromancers of Santa Meurte demonstrate that my experience isn’t an outlier. Steemit rewards writers who produce quality fiction.

One of my guiding principles is to focus your time, energy and resources on success. Thus, in 2018, I will be publishing even more fiction. I have trunk fiction, experimental fiction, fiction just waiting to be told. Flash fiction, short stories, novellas, the whole gamut.

And novels.

I am working up plans for full-blown web novels on Steemit. Plural. Series of serials.

Other Fiction

This year, I completed the second novel of the Covenanter Chronicles. Titled Hammer of the Witches, I have sent it to Castalia House, where it is currently undergoing edits. Beta readers tell me it is better than the first book, which is always a relief. I’ll release publication dates when the book is ready.

In the interests of personal growth, not to mention representation of women and minorities and fiction, I have also written a mahou shoujo novel titled KAGE NO OUJI. It features a bona fide Japanese joshikousei miko who becomes a magical girl to fight youkai with the blessings of the kami.

And yes, there will be a transformation sequence.

I’m currently editing the first draft, and once it’s done I shall send the novel on to a most deserving and understanding publisher committed to diversity, social justice and the progress of humanity.

With so much to do, though, I will cease writing short fiction for most markets. Quite simply, I can reasonably expect to be paid much more on Steemit than in most markets elsewhere. I’ll only write short fiction if I am confident of receiving adequate compensation for my time and energy, or if I am invited to contribute to a worthy publisher and cause. Otherwise, I’m dedicating my energy to other pursuits.


I think too much about too much for my own good. Steemit is a great way to vent my thoughts and GET PAID.

In 2017 I tried a scattershot approach. I found topics which paid off incredibly well, and topics which didn’t do so well. Come 2018 I’m going to focus on the intersection between topics that pay well and topics which I am familiar with. The majority of the latter will likely be areas in which I have personal experience and skin in the game. I’ll also be writing more thoughts about other areas of interest which hitherto haven’t made their way online.

Ultimately, I plan to commit my essence to the page. This shall be my brand, my contribution to the world, and my instrument for future success.

Personal Growth

I won’t say I’m an expert in self-improvement, but I am committed to constant personal growth. I recognise that no one else cares as much about my life as I do, and as such I will take every possible measure to become the best man I can be. Physical, mental and spiritual fitness will continue to be a top priority. I will reinforce physical training, martial arts, meditation, nutrition, mindsets and other positive habits.

And, quite naturally, I will share the results on Steemit as they come in.

Leadership, Commitments, Finances

As the Herald of the Pulp Revolution and Revival, I am come to witness a new age in Steemit. I will be helping to grow the PulpRev community in the coming days, helping newcomers find their bearings, promoting content of interest to the community and building bridges to the wider world.

That aside, I foresee shouldering greater responsibilities in 2018. There will be more demands on my time, energy, and most of all, money. With that said, as discussed previously, Steemit provided half of my income this year. I intend to grow this as far and fast as possible, the better to provide a better life for myself and my loved ones.

I’ll start thinking of finances in terms of fiat and cryptocurrency. The stable value of fiat, not to mention its universal acceptance, makes it useful for expenses and short-term purchases. Crypto, on the other hand, is highly volatile, and with that volatility comes potential for gains and incredible wealth. I don’t intend to speculate or trade any time soon, but I do think I need to pay much greater attention to crypto trends and strategies to maximise profits.

2018 will require a pivot towards community engagement and interpersonal relationships. It will require building upon existing strengths, while exploring untapped areas. It will demand judgment and hard work, and no small amount of sacrifice.

By my own hand, I shall make 2018 better than 2017.

My Dragon Award nominated novel No Gods, Only Daimons is the first book of the Covenant Chronicles mentioned above, and can be found here.


Directions for 2018
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