It is my great honour and pleasure to announce the publication of HAMMER OF THE WITCHES, the second novel of my Covenant Chronicles series.

The terror is daimonic. The sorcery is real.

But enough bullets will kill even the most dangerous supernatural operator.

The Hexenhammer underground has aided the operators of the Nemesis Program in their war against the global supernatural terror campaign, but now Hexenhammer is accused of being the terrorist group responsible for carrying out a spectacular massacre in Greece.

Now Luke Landon must decide if Eve and her fellow underground members should be put down or if they have been set up for destruction by a conspiracy so big and powerful that it may have penetrated Nemesis itself.

HAMMER OF THE WITCHES is the second volume of The Covenant Chronicles, the supernatural Mil-SF series by Kai Wai Cheah, Hugo-nominated author of Flashpoint: Titan.

HAMMER OF THE WITCHES was a blast to write. There’ll be particle beams, physics based magic, high risk operations in denied environments, hacking, divinely empowered covert opertors, swordplay, new daimons, and loads of full auto firepower. If you love military science fiction, espionage, urban fantasy and martial arts, this is the novel for you.

I’m also pleased to announce the working title of my next novel: KAGE NO OUJI. To pay homage to my influences, and to promote the genre’s glorious tradition of diversity and representation of women and minorities, it shall feature a josei kousei miko mahou shoujo.

That’s right: a schoolgirl shrine maiden who is also a magical girl.

Stay tuned!

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