Month: February 2018

Google’s Stealth Censorship Campaign against Guns is A Failure

Yesterday, without warning, Google Shopping blacklisted a series of gun-related terms. Searching for words like ‘gun’, ‘AR-15’ and ‘rifle’ returned no results. But, like all blanket bans, this blacklist had unintended consequences. As you can see above, ‘gun’ returned no results. But so did everything with ‘gun’ in it. Including: In its zeal to censor […]

Initial Reviews for HAMMER OF THE WITCHES

Reader reception of my latest novel, “Hammer of the Witches*, has been overwhelmingly positive. With an unbroken streak of 11 5-star reviews on Amazon, it is quite possibly one of the best stories I’ve written to date. Here are a few quotes: The first thing I thought upon finishing the first book of Kai Wai Cheah’s […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 10

The Magpie Bridge Sun checked his spirit sense. There was a flood of hostiles incoming. There were too many of them. And they were all converging on his position. “Barrier up!” Sun boomed. Infernal screeching and chattering drowned out his voice. Xiaohou bashed in the windows and leapt themselves into the room. All at once […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 9

Rivers and Lakes Sun Yao knew he didn’t have much time. As soon as he stepped out of the club, Du Yang would be on the phone with his Dragon Head to confess what he had done. If only so the rest of the secret society could be ready for the sudden destruction of the […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 8

Night Market By day Danan Street was a sleepy strip of road, home only to shophouses offering bargain-bin wares. But when night fell, as youths and families flocked to Danan Street, the city block transformed into the Danan Night Market. Brightly-lit carts packed the streets, selling dumplings, omelets, sausages, rice cakes, spring rolls, and other […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 7

Oversight “You can’t be serious,” Sun said. “It’s official policy,” the bureaucrat said. “If a Defender uses force against a regular human, the Defender is suspended from active duty and placed on no-pay leave until the Oversight Committee clears him.” “Ms Song, it’s the Ghost Month,” Fu insisted. “You know how busy it gets. I […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 6

Gone Stop. Breathe. Think. Qi was a delicate, transient substance. The slightest of disturbances would dissipate it. If Fang Fang had left a pearl for him in this tunnel, the jiaolong’s passage would have destroyed it. But there may be other tracks. Sun Yao walked down the length of the storm drain again, this time scrutinizing […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 5

Hot on Her Trail He needed a full-body protective suit, complete with self-contained breathing apparatus. He made do with his suit, helmet, and a gas mask. Drawing a crowbar from interspatial storage, he lifted the manhole cover and set it aside. Sucking in a deep breath, he inhaled only the heavy odor of stiff rubber. […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 4

Missing Sun Yao called the Central District Barrier Station. After suffering through multiple transfers, he finally reached the duty manager, where he enjoyed the privilege of asking one question. “Has Liu Fang Fang left the building?” “Yes,” the manager said. “She completed her shift and left the building at six thirty-seven.” Something must have happened […]

Realm of Beasts Chapter 3

A Day in the Life Six days. Eighty-three incidents. Twenty-two Defenders. This city was insane. The second he received his issue gear and vehicle from the Defenders’ Guild, he hit the street running and never stopped. Day became night became day became night again. Sleep was the period of non-wakefulness between callouts. At the border […]

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