Month: March 2018

Censorship Won’t Stop Fake News

Singapore is seeking to regulate fake news. For the past five days the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods has held hearings on the issue, inviting experts, academics and media professionals to give oral evidence. Three more days of hearings are scheduled. As Mothership discusses, the thrust of the hearing is pointing towards a raft of legislation […]

Big Data Hates You

Google Marketplace silently and poorly implemented a ban on gun sales. Facebook ceded to political pressure to crack down on free speech, and overtly and suppresses right-wingnews sites. Twitter bans and shadowbans users for expressing the wrong views. YouTube imposed greater restrictions on gun videos, banning videos that promote or link to websites that sell guns and accessories, and videos that show […]

Reflections on the Pulp Revolution

A fortnight ago, Jesse Abraham Lucas wrote a blog post that resonated with me. He wrote about what PulpRevvers call GroffinGate, in which an Internet commentator named Groffin said (among other things): And for all your glorification of the insular and self-aggrandizing indie-literature circuit, you have no minds of comparable skill or prestige, and will not for […]

The Eternal Legion Part 5

A magenta zone appeared on Knowles’ tactical display, indicating the enemy’s probable LZ. As the zone contracted, he knew where they were going to go: their original landing zone, the one place in the area of operations the Horde knew that was far away from the legion’s guns and free of obstacles. A green diamond […]

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