Mars, the red planet and our closest neighbor. It has haunted our imaginations for centuries, inspiring tales of heroic deeds and courage. Mars is also the god of war and the father of fear and panic. Here are 18 tales of war and adventure set in and around the red planet.

Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.

Today marks the release of the Mars planetary anthology by Superversive Press, edited by Jon Del Arroz, the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction. It is my great pleasure to announce that my story HOSTILE TAKEOVER is featured in Planetary: Mars.

In this thrilling military science fiction tale, a Terran Marine officer finds himself caught in the middle of a silent coup to capture a vital mining facility on Mars. Unarmed and unarmored, he must rally his men and retake the station from a determined company of heavily-armed foes in powered armor before enemy reinforcements arrive.

Other contributing writers include industry veterans Kevin J Anderson, Julie Frost, Chuck Dixon and Lou Antonelli, as well as PulpRev authors Jon Mollison, Declan Finn and Dawn Witzke.

For stories of adventure and war on the Red Planet, check out Planetary: Mars on Amazon Kindle here.

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