Month: March 2018

The Eternal Legion Part 1

Perched in her favorite spot on the sofa, Laura stared incredulously at the holo. “Dad, the green man is on,” she said. A bright and bold and unmistakably 2D image flashed at the top of the 3D holographic window. A legionary on the march. The Legion was recalling the troops. Sam Knowles clenched his fists. […]

The Fighting-Man of a Hundred Faces

The fighting-man is the quintessential pulp hero. He has graced pages and screens since the dawn of the pulp age, driving stories through relentless action and raw vitality. He is an enduring archetype, and for good reason. As Bradford Walker discusses: To succeed as a fighting-man, you have to have the very qualities of character that […]


With the end of February comes the conclusion of SteemPulp’s inaugural open call, SWORDS OF SAINT VALENTINE. Over the next few hours, the final submissions will come in, and the next phase will begin. SWORDS OF SAINT VALENTINE met and exceeded many of its objectives. Participants exercised their creative juices, wrote and published stories, helped […]

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