Month: May 2018

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

In a world filled with increasingly bland superhero reboots and cross-overs and re-reboots, Deadpool promises fun. With its combination of R-rated humor, gratuitous violence, adult situations and a nigh-unkillable character who breaks the fourth wall at every opportunity, Deadpool is a profane yet light-hearted take on the superhero genre. Deadpool 2 offers more of the same. Which is both its strongest […]

Shanghai Bleeding Part 3

Two Birds with One Stone Sorting out the shooting took the rest of the night and most of the following morning. Sustaining themselves with coffee and cigarettes, the detectives, police and private, endured interminable interviews and waded through never-ending seas of paperwork until Wong at last pulled strings and expedited their release from the clutches […]

Shanghai Bleeding Part 2

Blood on The Bund The world penetrated China through Shanghai, and in Shanghai the world entered through the Bund. Traditional shophouses surrendered to Western edifices of columns and arches. Peoples of all nations and none walked the streets: prosperous businessmen and Western merchants in fine suits and hats, glamorous Chinese women in cheongsams, coolies and […]

A High Art

Our art is The rending of flesh; The breaking of bones; The tearing of nerves; The domination of wills. Our art is Steel scribing perfect arcs; Wood smoking on impact; Survival in a lightning shuffle; Strength through motion. Our art is Eight angles of attack; Eight million methods of combat; Infinite ways to wrestle, crush, […]

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