Month: July 2018

The Black Watch Part 7

Reconfig As the regular cops secured and cleared the Shard, the Black Watch muscled their vehicle back upright. There was no art to it, no special tricks, just sheer brute force amplified by their exoframes. All six of them pressed their hands against the roof and cab of the truck and, on Yamamoto’s command, heaved […]

The Black Watch Part 6

The Shard Karim flew. Yamamoto manned the radio. In the rear, the rest of the team reorganized and readied their kit. Karim dedicated half his brain to controlling the Sentinel, the other half monitoring the radio. “Control to all callsigns, be advised, two active killers reported at Singularity Network, Shard One. Witnesses report two suspects […]

The Black Watch Part 5

The Lotus Palace The Sentinel howled through the storm-drenched night, its sirens blending with the background choir of a hundred scattered alarms. Karim hit the gas, pushing the armored gravtruck as fast as he dared, climbing higher and higher into the night. Next to him, Yamamoto worked the radio, firing a series of orders. “All […]

The Black Watch Part 4

The Face of the Enemy “What do we do?” Karim asked. “Develop the situation,” Yamamoto said. “We need more info before we can act.” Karim returned to the living room, planting himself in an unoccupied corner. Yamamoto’s voice bounced off the walls and floated through his earpieces; the team leader was updating the team and […]

The Black Watch Part 2

ROE State Red The six operators regrouped in the lobby, dripping rainwater on the lacquered parquet. As the team gathered around Yamamoto, he summoned a a street map on everyone’s eyeshields. “This is going to be a straightforward assault,” Yamamoto said, “but don’t let your guard down. Husks always have a nasty surprise waiting. ROE […]

Press Release: HEROES UNLEASHED by Silver Empire!

Yesterday, publisher Silver Empire announced a new superhero project titled Heroes Unleashed. Like Marvel and DC Comics, Heroes Unleashed will feature multiple superhero series set in a sprawling world of superheroes and supervillains, written by a number of up-and-coming critically acclaimed authors. The full press release is reproduced below: — ​SILVER EMPIRE ANNOUNCES “HEROES UNLEASHED” ​Multi-author shared universe […]

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