Heroes Unleashed is Live!

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Courageous superheroes, high tech, dazzling magic and ruthless supervillains. If this sounds up your alley, Silver Empire’s Heroes Unleashed is for you.

A shared universe superhero series, Heroes Unleashed will do for the written word what DC and Marvel did for comics. With superbeings inhabiting the same universe and regularly interacting with each other, Heroes Unleashed features a line of interconnected novels written by some of the finest up-and-coming writers of the time.

This current Kickstarter covers Phase I of Heroes Unleashed, spanning the first five novels of the series. These novels will be written by Morgon Newquist, J D Cowan, Jon Mollison, Richard Watts and myself.

My contribution, Hollow City, stars supercop Adam Song of the Halo City Police Department. Following a controversial shooting, he is abandoned by the Establishment and hunted by hitmen. To survive, he must draw upon his powers and become the man he used to be: a manhunter specialising in Primes.

While my series is a superhero crime thriller, other works in Heroes Unleashed will cross multiple genres in the grand tradition of superhero fiction. Jon Mollison is crafting a superspy espionage series The Phoenix Ring, while JD Cowan’s Gemini Warriors and Richard Watts’ Atlantean Archons seamlessly blend technology and fantasy. To find our more about the series, check out JimFear’s latest podcast.

Heroes Unleashed offers something for everyone. Having attained its full funding goals, there is no risk to backing the project, but plenty of backer rewards and stretch bonuses are up for grabs. If you love superhero fiction, check out the Heroes Unleashed Kickstarter here.

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Heroes Unleashed is Live!
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