Month: August 2018

The Leper and the Knockoff Knife

“Five hundred baht,” the leper announced. Gun stores lined the street across the road from the Old Siam Plaza. Revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns peeked out behind reflective sun-bleached glass. Glock, Kel-Tec, Smith & Wesson, Colt, CZ, Remington, Beretta, a smorgasbord of firearms old and new tempted the discerning (and licensed) customer. But not everyone […]

The Black Watch Part 11

The Elect “You seem well,” Yamamoto said mildly. The cyborg nodded. “Yes. I replenished my stock of nanopaste and grafted a fresh arm to replace the damaged one. I am now at a hundred percent operational efficiency.” “And you brought friends,” Yamamoto added. “Of course. Someone launched a campaign of murder and terror against the […]

The Black Watch Part 10

Believer The werewolf beheld the operator. Yamamoto was a man. A weak, fragile, puny man, barely worthy of his teeth and claws. And yet… And yet, he stood unflinchingly before him, cold green eyes clear yet inscrutable, short sword held loose but at the ready, his muscles ready to explode into a symphony of motion. […]

The Black Watch Part 9

Wake the Blood The team split up. Wood, Fox, Tan and the bot went one way, Yamamoto, Connor and Karim went the other. This time, Yamamoto allowed Karim to take the lead. “Don’t lead us right in front of the Husk, rookie,” Connor said. Karim stalked up the escalator to the second floor and beheld […]

The Black Watch Part 8

One Target, One Team The Sentinel’s wings were clipped, but she could still drive. Karim worked the pedals with two leaden feet, breaking every traffic law and taking every turn at dangerous speeds. Dozens of voices chattered over the radio, dribbling out information piecemeal. Yamamoto sat in the shotgun seat, silently processing it all. “The […]

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