1 Week to Dungeon Samurai Kickstarter!

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I’m extremely excited to announce that the Kickstarter for the Dungeon Samurai trilogy will launch on 7 February 2019, exactly one week from now. It will be my virgin crowdfunding campaign, and my first full series to be published under the name Kit Sun Cheah. The full description follows:

Yamada Yuuki is an ordinary university student with an extraordinary hobby: the classical Japanese martial art of Kukishin-ryu. One evening, a powerful demon rips through the fabric of reality and spirits away his dojo to a land filled with monsters, and forces them to fight for its entertainment. To return home, Yamada and his friends must join other abducted humans from across time and space to conquer the world-spanning dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon blends dungeon crawlers, historical military fantasy and koryu with a sprinkling of horror in a dense, action-packed trilogy. If you love OSR D&D, Darkest Dungeon, sword and sorcery, and isekai stories, this trilogy is definitely for you.

Please keep an eye out for Dungeon Samurai on Kickstarter, and I look forward to your support.

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1 Week to Dungeon Samurai Kickstarter!
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