Month: March 2019

Mechanical Versus Mythical Magic

Corey McCleery, Alexander Hellene, Xavier Lastra, Rawle Nyanzi and Misha Barnett recently opined on the de-mythologicisation of magic in contemporary fantasy. All five pieces are worth a read, but the thesis running through the heart of the conversation is that de-mythologicisation robs the mystery from magic in contemporary fantasy, making it feel empty. Comparing the works of the pulp-era grandmasters and […]

Lessons from the Dungeon Samurai Kickstarter

Having achieved 110.5% of its funding goal, the Kickstarter campaign of Dungeon Samurai was a great success. I am grateful to all backers and everyone who have helped with the campaign, and am now preparing the manuscript for publication. Looking back on the campaign, I’ve 5 lessons to share. 1. The Campaign Begins Before It Begins The […]

Dungeon Samurai is Funded!

It is my great pleasure to announce that DUNGEON SAMURAI is fully funded! My deepest thanks to all backers and everyone who supported the campaign from the start. This being my first crowdfunding campaign, I am extremely pleased with the result. Nonetheless, with 4 days to go, there’s still time to purchase the Dungeon Samurai trilogy in […]

Writing Faith in Fiction

It is fashionable in modern SFF to denigrate religion as oppressive and outdated superstition. Priests are corrupt hypocrites, gods are dead or evil or both, religious doctrine is a lie — and the worst offender is always Christianity in fantasy dress. Science fiction goes one step further, portraying technologically advanced societies that have outgrown religion […]

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