Dungeon Samurai is Funded!


It is my great pleasure to announce that DUNGEON SAMURAI is fully funded! My deepest thanks to all backers and everyone who supported the campaign from the start.

This being my first crowdfunding campaign, I am extremely pleased with the result. Nonetheless, with 4 days to go, there’s still time to purchase the Dungeon Samurai trilogy in ebook and paperback. Prices will rise after the books go live, so if you buy now you’ll enjoy a significant discount.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this testimonial from Matthew P. Schmidt, author of The City and the Dungeon:

Like if Tom Clancy had written an isekai, this action-packed trilogy will blow your mind with its loving dedication to martial arts detail and grim, heroic violence. Faith, courage, and honor are weapons as well in this magnificently crafted world of dungeons and demons. Banzai!

If an isekai dungeon crawl run like a military campaign appeals to you, check out the Dungeon Samurai Kickstarter here!

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Dungeon Samurai is Funded!
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