The Singularity is Coming!

The Singularity is coming.

A future of unfathomable technological progress awaits.

But will it be a future of freedom and abundance? Or a future ruled by tyrants and cold machines?

SINGULARITY SUNRISE is a post-cyberpunk espionage thriller series, coming soon on IndieGoGo. Psychic spies, elite mercenaries, killer robots, megacorps, and an AI in search of a soul converge in a five-book saga to decide the future of the human race.

Sign up on the pre-launch page here to be notified when the campaign begins on 17 April. All subscribers will receive a FREE short story plus exclusive perks!

If you enjoyed Ghost in the Shell and Neuromancer, you’ll love SINGULARITY SUNRISE. Sign up early and spread the word!

The Singularity is Coming!
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