The Three Threatened Boxes of America

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Five boxes make up the fundamental rights of the United States of America: the moving box, the jury box, the soapbox, the ballot box, and the cartridge box. Today, the last three are under fire, and with it, America itself.

For decades the Left has shrunk the size of the cartridge box. Slice by slice, they have pushed for a staggering number of bans and restrictions: automatic weapons, magazine limits, permits with unreasonable issuing requirements, cosmetic or utility features that transform firearms into ‘assault weapons’. Every gun control law steps on the inviolate phrase ‘shall not be infringed’.

The right to keep and bear arms is sacred. It is not about hunting, though it can be used for that. It is not about self-defense against violent criminals, though it is a happy collateral benefit. Its primary purpose is to overthrow tyrants, in the grand tradition of the minutemen who rebelled against the British with personally-owned firearms. It is the final safeguard of the people against those who would seek to deprive them of their liberties.

The Second Amendment is the right to rebellion against tyranny.

In the past decade, the Cathedral has stepped up its efforts to monopolize the soap box. This is not merely a single body. It is an alliance of corporate and political interests that aims to seize power by bypassing legal means.

Big Tech censors and continues to censor right-wingers. Twitter has censored posts by President Trump for making ‘misleading’ statements on the election process and throttles posts from right-wingers, but not Ayatollah Khamenei that calls for jihad. Facebook uses ‘fact checks’ from left-wingers to limit the spread of posts from right-wing sources. YouTube demonetises content creators and outright censors videos and comments that disagree with policies favoured by the left, in the process catching many innocent creators in the crossfire.

Big News has been captured by the progressives. Almost every major American news network is left-leaning and anti-Trump. Even Fox News, allegedly a conservative news network, has brought on anti-Trump personalities like Chris Wallace, Andrew Napolitano and Paul Ryan. Only a handful of second-tier news networks lean right, and they do not have the reach and influence of the major networks. Big Tech further limits the reach of these right-wing news outlets, allowing the Left to dominate the airwaves. There is no middle ground in the news now. Only the right, the left, and those who will march left.

For four years, the Left has lied about Trump. Charlottesville and his ‘very fine people’ comment, Trump being a sexist, Trump’s ties with Russia. One of the greatest lies of all is that Trump hates the free media, never mind that for four years Trump has not ordered the arrest of a single journalist nor the closure of any news outlets that defamed him.

The Left owns the American soapbox, and has cut up the cartridge box. Now it has stuffed the ballot box.

There are indications of widespread election fraud in America. This includes:

  • Sudden shutdown of vote counts in states, then mysterious vote dumps that flipped states from Trump to Biden
  • Computer ‘glitch‘ that flipped votes for Trump to Biden in Michigan
  • The Dominion vote counting software that experienced the ‘glitch’ is linked to House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the Clinton Foundation
  • ‘Typo’ that gave 130,000 votes to Biden in Michigan
  • Republican poll watchers ejected from a vote counting centre in Detroit, with Democrats cheering
  • USPS whistleblower alleges all mail-in ballots received before, during and after the elections must be marked 3rd November
  • Michigan poll challenger alleges illegal votes inputted into the counting system
  • Benford’s analysis of Philedelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee points to non-random distribution of vote tallies, suggesting fraud
  • Dumping of mail-in ballots for Trump
  • Dead people voting Democrat
  • Illegal votes in Nevada

Most tellingly, these election shenanigans occurred in swing states and Democrat strongholds in favor of the Democrats.

Big News refuses to cover any of these allegations, except to frame them as ‘baseless allegations of electoral fraud’ or to minimize their impact. The few they do cover, such as illegal votes in Nevada, are not framed against the context of these occurrences. Instead, it is rushing to pronounce Biden the winner of the elections, even though the Electoral College hasn’t formally convened yet. Big Social in turn is censoring and throttling everyone who attempts to share information about these incidents on their platforms.

The most ham-fisted and widespread electoral fraud operation in the history of the United States is underway. It is nothing less than a silent coup meant to legitimize the Left’s rise to power. Once the Democrats control the White House, it is unlikely that they will give it up. Already the Trump Accountability Project, supported by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is making a list of Trump supporters—and history tells us that lists of political enemies are always used to identify and purge them.

The very bedrock of the American republic is at risk. For the republic to endure, everyone must have faith in the electoral process. Already half of the country can’t stand the other half. The only reason there isn’t widespread violence yet is because of the belief that the elections represent the will of the people, and the process will ensure a smooth transition of power from one side to another.

It is in the interests of the nation to support a full investigation into every single allegation of electoral fraud. The Democrats would want to cement their victory with the appearance of legitimacy. The Republicans would want a second shot at victory. The people need faith in the sanctity of the ballot box. Every legal vote must be counted, every illegal vote must be discarded, everybody who interfered with the election process must be identified and brought to justice.

The fabric of America has never been more fragile. The Left has steadily seized power and denied the Right a level playing field. The coronavirus lockdowns have hammered the American economy. Antifa and Black Lives Matters riots have gutted some of America’s richest and most famous cities. Now the soul of the Republic is in doubt.

The soapbox has been reduced. The ballot box has been stuffed. If the Right believes that there is no legal way to redress these wrongs, then they will turn to the last box available to them.

The cartridge box.

Should that happen, America will die. The only question then is who will be left, and what will rise from the ashes.

It will not be an America anyone will recognize.

Babylon Blues is the story of a last-ditch attempt to stave off civil war in a nation torn between rival eldritch horrors. It almost works.

The Three Threatened Boxes of America

2 thoughts on “The Three Threatened Boxes of America

  1. First off, I am surprised that you don’t get more comments, in my opinion this is a first rate blog. And you post regularly.
    Second, I want to know why the world looks to America as the fountain of freedom. Is it because our media has always portrayed us as such?
    Third, I really like your neo-pulp style. I am am amateur writer and I am working on my beige prose and economy of language. If you have tips or articles for writing compactly,.that would be great.
    Thanks from ‘Murica.
    Sincerely, Ben

    1. Thanks!

      Around the world, governments write laws and constitutions to empower themselves. In America, the Constitution explicitly limits the powers of government.

      Singapore’s Constitution guarantees free speech and assembly. In practice, you are only truly free to speak anything you like in person at Speakers’ Corner… after you register your event with the government… and ensure that no foreigners show up at Speakers’ Corner during your speech… which is next door to a police station.

      Likewise, America’s famed Second Amendment is nothing less than the right to rebellion. Most other governments either severely restrict the civilian possession of firearms, or ban them outright. The few countries that do allow civilians to own firearms are few and fair between, and none of them permit the right to rebellion.

      The American Constitution was originally written to maximise the freedoms and liberties of all citizens, and impose limits and checks and balances against the federal government. While the federal government has steadily expanded in size and power over the years, the spirit of the Constitution remains, and the First and Second Amendments remain the final bulwark against tyranny.

      I’ll be publishing an anthology on writing pulp fiction soon. Please keep an eye out for it!

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