Prepare for the Crazy Years Ahead

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The fix is in.

Donald Trump has been forced out of office through election fraud. The Republicans have abandoned Trump, the one man who injected life, vitality and hope into the party. Joe Biden has taken the Oval Office. The Democrats control every arm of the Federal government. Big Tech is cracking down on everyone who dares to oppose the narrative. The Media is pushing for de-Trumpification, and is going soft on Biden and the Democrats. The Democrat-dominated Congress is now reading a bill that would expand mail ballots and restrict voter ID requirements.

America is experiencing its greatest crisis since the Civil War.

The people with the ability to head off civil war are also the same people who benefit the most from the current situation. The Democrats and RINOs who want Trump gone, the wealthy elite whose business holdings benefit from expansions of government power, the propagandists and grifters who call themselves journalists and activists who push a hard left ideology. They spout ‘unity and healing’ from one side of the mouth and push to punish everyone associated with Trump on the other. They will continue to do this until it no longer becomes profitable to do so.

There is no unity and healing when the ruling class are seeking to punish those who supported one of the most popular Presidents in history. There is no unity and healing when over one-third of the country believed that there was election fraud. There is no unity and healing when the Big Media and Big Tech collude to use ‘fact checks’, coordinated biased media coverage, and outright censorship to hammer everyone right of Hillary Clinton.

Since taking office, Joe Biden has:

Biden and the Democrats are systematically undermining the foundations of America, placing the nation’s future in the hands of powerful corporations, and are re-engineering society.

It can only get worse from here. But there is one ray of hope.

An oligopoly rules America. It is an unholy alliance of corporation, government, politicians, bureaucrats and activists. It is called the Deep State, the Swamp, the Cathedral. And, at last, it has shown itself to the world.

It is not a conspiracy. Its very design ensures that people will not believe in its existence, because it is too pervasive to be a mere conspiracy. It acts completely in plain sight. There is no need for overt or covert communication or coordination. All the members of the Cathedral have to do is act in ways that uphold its fundamental principles and narrative, by supporting everyone who signals for the narrative and harming everyone who doesn’t, using the resources they have at their disposal. By acting independently, they appear to act in concert. This is an emergent phenomenon. It is the Stand Alone Complex from Ghost in the Shell, it is how terrorists and criminals operate, it is how you create an invisible oligarchy that exceeds the limitations of mere conspiracies.

It is pointless calling out the Cathedral on hypocrisy. They adhere to a variant of amoral tribalism. They perceive as good everything that supports their members and their values. Evil is everything that opposes them. Taking advantage of everyone outside their tribe isn’t just acceptable, it is required. To signal membership in the Cathedral, they push for progressive ideas and legislation, and attack everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

By these standards, the Cathedral is extremely moral. They do not care about good or evil or truth; their worldview is the logical end result of moral relativism, that good and evil is merely a point of view and that the only truth that matters is the narrative.

What matters is taking power back from them and keeping them from exercising power over you. The last ‘election’ was nothing more than a coup. It will be the test run for future ‘elections’.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa ran riot across cities, intimidating everyone who opposes the Narrative.

Big Media and the ruling classes grant them legitimacy through opinion pieces, calls for support, and behind-the-scenes support such as paying for bail or releasing rioters without charges.

Election fraud stuffed the ballot box. The Cathedral prevented audits through friendly and intimidated judges, media narratives, and political interference.

The Capitol Hill riot, pre-arranged by extremists, became a pretext to cancel the formation of a voter fraud commission.

After Biden’s inauguration, the media pushed for censorship and Big Tech carried it out.

With the bill aimed at expanding mail-in voting and eroding voter ID requirements, it will only get worse from here. This strategy will continue if no one pushes back against it.

If you believe in freedom, rights and civil liberties, know that the Cathedral will come for you. It is inevitable. First they came for Trump, now they are coming for everyone else. From gun groups to author pages on Facebook, Twitter personalities to independent social media networks, they will systematically stamp out everyone who will oppose it.

What can you do now?

Starve Big Tech

Big Tech controls the major forms of communication and finding information today. You must starve the beast while ensuring secure communications for yourself. As long as you use their services, you run the risk of censorship and exposure to propaganda.

Replace Gmail with Protonmail.

Replace Google with DuckDuckGo.

Replace Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter with Gab, Signal and Telegram.

Discord, Mastodon, YouTube, and every company that ever pushed for #BlackLivesMatter or Antifa or the Democrats or any social justice ideology must be forked and replaced. Minimise your use of their services and seek out alternatives.

Likewise, every company and corporation that supports the Left and progressive ideals must be identified and boycotted. Do not give time, money and energy to those who hate you.

If you are a content creator, you must own every platform you use to communicate with your audience. Your social media accounts exists only to drive traffic to your website and mailing list. You must operate as if you will be censored and shut down out of the blue, and strive always to maintain control of your content.

Find the Truth

Newspapers are not in the business of truth.

They are in the business of selling advertising. They create a loyal audience through sensationalised and one-sided reporting, then sell advertising blocks to corporations who aim to corner that audience.

There are only two kinds of news outlets today: Left and Right. There is no longer any semblance of fairness, balance or integrity among the major and up-and-coming news outlets.

Read from a wide variety of sources. Recognize that the news will always have an agenda. The mainstream media will always support the Democrats and social justice, and are part of the Cathedral. Right-wing media will always publish everything that makes the Left good bad. Recognize the biases inherent in each, and seek out the truth that lies between.

Do not let someone else do your thinking for you. In this world without truth, you must find it for yourself.

Record and Remember

In the coming days, weeks and months, Big Media will go into overdrive to push new narratives. Major organizations and corporations will alter their policies to make themselves look good.

Hydroxychloroquine has been acquitted now that Trump is out of office. The World Health Organization admitted that PCR testing, the main coronavirus test, has a high rate of false positives, an hour after Trump left. Biden has systematically broken his promises.

You must remember history. You cannot allow vital information to fall into the memory hole.

Every time the Cathedral goes back on a promise, politicizes an issue, attempts to rewrite history, reveal it to the world. The Cathedral may or may not care, but the point is to expose it to the light and reveal its existence to the people.

Do Not Give Up

De-Trumpification began the instant after the Capitol Hill riots. The media ran articles every hour, condemning Trump and his supporters, and reinforcing the false narrative of a legitimate election. Over the coming days and weeks, the media will continue to puff up Biden and the Democrats and condemn Trump and the Right.

This is a psychological campaign to wear down the spirits of those on the Right and break their morale, and to lift the mood of the Left.

Lies can only hurt you if you let them. The media cannot force compliance. They can only create the illusion that there is no hope left, and that surrender is the only option available.

A single battle does not decide a war. A single election does not decide the course of a country. As long as you draw breath, as long as your heart beats, you can still make a difference wherever you are.

The Cathedral aims to convince you to crush yourself. Do not give in, do not give up, do not accept the narrative, do not swallow the lies. Always seek the truth, no matter where it takes you.

Contingency Plans and Preparations

What will you do if:

  • You are locked out of your social media accounts and email?
  • The mob pressures your boss to fire you?
  • Friends, family and loved ones abandon you?
  • The US dollar crashes?
  • A riot approaches your neighborhood?
  • Food, water and electricity are shut down?
  • Widespread rioting erupts around your area?
  • Total disruption of essential services?

You must be prepared for the worst. Breakdown of civil society isn’t simply a nightmare. As 2019 has demonstrated, it is a very real possibility, and it can get even worse.

You must prepare for these scenarios. You must do the following:

  • Develop alternative and antifragile sources of income
  • Stock up on canned food, clean water, fuel, medicine, camping and essential supplies
  • Develop strength, virtue and good health
  • Identify local sources of food, water, and essential goods
  • Train yourself in martial arts, defensive abilities, survival skills, first aid, and other essential skills
  • Forge close bonds with sympathetic and friendly people
  • Create emergency plans for natural and manmade disasters

Build Resilient Communities

Do not collaborate with your oppressors.

Do not give money to those who hate you.

Do not give in to those who want to destroy you.

This crisis has been decades in the making. Expect it to take at least that long to resolve. Any civil conflict will take place over years, even decades. There will be no neat divisions of loyalty, no clearly marked factions, no way to keep things under control if chaos breaks out.

Do not concern with things outside your control that do not concern you. They are a waste of time and energy. What you can and must do is to build up yourself and your own communities, with an eye towards long-term sustainment.

Raise your children and inculcate them with strong moral values, and seek to build strong bonds with supportive family members.

Build strong friendships with capable and skilled people, and help them prepare for an uncivil conflict.

Get involved in your local community and be of service to your friends, neighbours and fellow citizens.

Network with local suppliers and help them keep their businesses going.

Reach out to other communities using secure communication methods.

To survive, the Cathedral demands your obedience and your participation. Withdraw from them, stop using their products and services, and they will wither away and die. At the very least, you will stop feeding the beast that oppresses you, and build up the people who support you.

If America is to survive what is coming, it must return to the ideas first enshrined in 1776. America has deviated far from the vision of the Founding Fathers. No longer a Republic of, for and by the people, but a collapsing empire ruled by the Deep State. A Deep State that has now become the Open State.

In rushing to secure its victory, the Swamp has made itself visible. Disengage from it, build your own communities, and ready yourself for chaos.

The worst may never come in your lifetime. But never assume it will not.

We live in the transition period between one epoch and another. The generations that come after us will have to live with the consequences of our actions today. Steel yourself for the task ahead.

A brighter future comes only to those who work for it.

Babylon ain’t America, but that’s only because there are no demons walking the streets. Yet.

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Prepare for the Crazy Years Ahead

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    Great advice.also preserve culture via samidzat and physical copies. I can see a return to a monastic type preservation of culture and tradition. Also people will start dusting off old DOS computers or unconnected Linux machines to create original content.


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