C. L. Cannon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair

Every April, C. L. Cannon gathers some of the hottest names in science fiction and fantasy in her massive science fiction and fantasy book fair. This year, there are over 150 free and discounted books on offer.

Genres on offer span a wide gamut, from epic fantasy to space opera, dystopian science fiction to Young Adult. And of course, there are my own books are well.

From now until 11 April, SINGULARITY SUNRISE 1: EDENET and SINGULARITY SUNRISE 2: THE SILICON ROAD are on sale on Amazon!

Singularity Sunrise is a post-cyberpunk thriller series following a psychic contractor in his quest to usher in the Technological Singularity — without causing the destruction or enslavement of humanity. An eclectic blend of high-tech and spirituality, martial arts and mayhem, SINGULARITY SUNRISE is a glimpse of life at the edge of unfathomable civilizational transformation, and a war to decide the future of humanity.

Ready to plunge into worlds of excitement and adventure? Click the links above and find yourself some free and discounted books now!

C. L. Cannon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair
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