First They Make You Take the Vaccine

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The government has forced my father to take the vaccine.

They won’t call it that, of course. If you fall under the vaccinate or test regime, they will say that you have a choice.

Get vaccinated for free, or get tested twice a week on your own dime.

My father can’t afford the financial hit. He can’t afford the loss of time for regular tests either. He is also worried that the government will further increase restrictions on the unvaccinated. Already the unvaccinated are forbidden from dining indoors and must produce a negative test result to attend indoor events.

This is the reality Singapore is now facing. Such a regime is immoral, illegal, and worst of all, useless.

Everybody has the right to bodily autonomy. No government has the right to compel people to take an experimental vaccine whose long term effects are not fully understood. Nor does any government have the right to discriminate against people based on vaccination status.

The Covid mortality rate in Singapore is 0.066%. Most of the fatalities have one or more comorbidities. The US CDC estimates that over 90% of Covid deaths have comorbidities, and the unofficial numbers I’ve seen for Singapore agrees with these figures. Such a low fatality rate does not justify such harsh discriminatory measures.

There are at least 32 people who have died after taking the vaccine in Singapore, and the true number could be 56 or more. The government refuses to acknowledge any of these deaths as caused by the vaccine, instead claiming that these deaths were coincidental or caused by other medical conditions. For comparison, 44 people have died of Covid in Singapore.

Not only that, data from the most vaccinated countries in the world tells us that the vaccinated will eventually lose protection. Israel, the UAE, the Seychelles, Chile and Bahrain are among the most vaccinated countries in the world. They were all hit by Covid surges earlier this year. Iceland has acknowledged that mass vaccination has not created herd immunity.

The vaccine cannot stop the spread of the virus. The US CDC admitted this on 6 August. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike are able to spread the virus. This means there is no public health reason to discriminate against the unvaccinated.

The best the vaccine can do is confer individual protection. It can reduce the chances of infection and developing severe symptoms, but only for a limited time. After that, the vaccinated will need booster shots to remain protected. Dr Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, claims that 95% of patients with severe Covid symptoms in an Israeli hospital were vaccinated. The official numbers from the Ministry of Health notes that 64% of hospitalised patients were fully vaccinated. Israel delivered the world’s fastest vaccination rollout program, with 48% of its population inoculated in the first five weeks of the program since its implementation in December 2020. Now health experts are calling for booster shots, and we have no data on the long term side effects of these booster shots either.

There will be no end to this. Give the government power and it will never relinquish it on their own.

New York City requires vaccine passports. New Zealand has imposed a national lockdown after reporting a single Covid case, and four more suspected cases. Singapore splits society between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Harvard-trained epidemiologist Dr Eric Feigl-Ding warns that even if Australia hits 90% vaccination, it will not be enough to prevent future lockdowns. Scotland now seeks to make pandemic emergency powers permanent, including the power to order school closures and lockdowns.

This is the future waiting for you. A future of vaccine passports, arbitrary lockdowns, endless booster shots, discrimination and division, in the name of ‘public health’.

The virus did not disrupt the economy. The virus did not impose lockdowns, mandatory tests and vaccines. The government did. After taking away your freedoms, the government can dangle the promise of greater privileges to those who conform, and retain the power to take away even more rights and freedoms at any time.

A government that can compel you to ‘voluntarily’ take the vaccine is a government that can force you to do anything. They can turn you against your friends and family, force you to obey ever-increasing restrictions, and steadily take away your ability to resist. Such a government does not see you as a citizen, but a subject, with only two options: comply or be destroyed.

How many more restrictions will you accept?

How much more power will you allow the government to take?

How far will you allow the government to erode your rights and freedoms?

If you do not speak up now, if you continue to choose convenience over freedom, you will awake one day to discover you have neither.

First They Make You Take the Vaccine

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