They Don’t Care About Us

On 20 November, the Singapore government announced the latest round of revisions to its vaccine discrimination scheme. Claiming an end of the so-called ‘stabilisation phase’, Singapore is now in the ‘transition phase‘. Among other measures, groups of up to five fully vaccinated patrons may dine in at eateries with the ability to check and enforce vaccine status, wedding couples may take off their masks during solemnisation, and unvaccinated people will face even more restrictions.

Unvaccinated people may not visit hospitals and care homes outside of ‘exceptional conditions’ and there is no alternate fully vaccinated caregiver. Starting 1st December, All libraries under the National Library Board are closed to the unvaccinated. Some activities in community clubs and centres are also closed to the unvaccinated. From 1st January, unvaccinated individuals cannot enter a premise that performs vaccination checks even with a negative pre-event test.

The government has implemented a vaccine passport without calling it a vaccine passport. Unlike other countries that still accept negative Covid tests in lieu of vaccination, this is even stricter.

Expect things to get worse.

A week ago, the government stated that it will ‘review’ when a person’s fully vaccinated status will expire. Under current laws, the status expires one year and fourteen days after the second shot. Now, the government is now accelerating the booster shot programme to five months after receiving the second dose, because protection wanes after six months, and because ‘scientific communities’ claim that the Covid-19 vaccination regime should be a three-dose regime. Israel is already ramping up for the fourth vaccine dose.

The implications should be obvious. The government is returning a tiny sliver of freedom to the people who made the choice they want, but will soon require the people to continue to comply to maintain that limited freedom. For those who do not comply, the government will continue to increase the pressure, and is no doubt eagerly studying events in Austria to see how a vaccine mandate will play out. After that, the government will then require all citizens to take the third shot to maintain the fully vaccinated status, and after that, the fourth and subsequent shots. No matter how many people take the shot, the government can impose restrictions, lockdowns and other measures any time they want.

And they do not want you to notice that under Singapore law, someone who has recovered from Covid is deemed protected for 270 days—over twice as long as the vaccine.

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny. Especially for a medical tyranny, one that claims to be exercised for the good of the people. Compliance tells the tyrant that he can continue to oppress you even more. Any return of your freedom will be highly limited, and contingent only on further compliance.

Worst of all, medical tyranny doesn’t work.

We saw a huge spike in cases starting in September. Shortly after the first dip, the government announced vaccine discrimination measures, to begin on October 13. That was immediately followed by the second spike in cases. Only in recent days have infection numbers dropped from 3000+ new cases a day to just over 2000.

The government pinned the blame for the pandemic on the unvaccinated. Since October 13, the unvaccinated have been locked out of most public spaces through vaccine discrimination measures. This pressured people into taking the vaccine, above and beyond other measures and the constant vaccine narrative. This is the result:

Today, 94% of Singapore’s eligible population has been vaccinated.

The drop in cases and rise in vaccination numbers may seem impressive, until you compare the data with other highly-vaccinated countries, including those that have imposed harsher restrictions—or have lifted them.

Regardless of the restrictions imposed on society, the virus continues to follow the same pattern: a huge dramatic spike in infections, a sudden plummet, then a return through successive waves. This holds even in the highly-vaccinated countries shown here. It is impossible to flatten the curve, except along the vertical axis.

Notice that Sweden, in particular, famous for its light touch with Covid restrictions, compare quite favourably to other countries with harsher restrictions and higher vaccination rates, even as winter sets in.

Singapore was the exception to the rule early on, back when the alpha variant was still dominant. Back then, the overwhelming majority of infections occurred in overcrowded migrant worker dormitories. Once the dormitories were locked down, community cases came under control. With the arrival and dominance of the delta variant, the pattern of infection followed the rest of the world.

The reason for this is quite simple: the vaccine does not work.

The vaccine does not sterilise. It does not prevent the transmission of disease. It does not provide herd immunity. At best, it reduces the risk of contracting severe symptoms, for a limited period of time, by a miniscule amount. Once that window closes, it provides negative protection. By reducing the risk of contracting severe symptoms, vaccinated people may not know that they are infected, and so become unwitting superspreaders. And this isn’t even going into the risk of the vaccine selecting for hotter and more virulent strains of Covid.

The government is dividing the people to support a vaccine that doesn’t work to combat a virus that produces mild or no symptoms 98.7% of the time.

In other words: the government is imposing even harsher restrictions on the unvaccinated to ‘protect’ them from the 1.3% risk of contracting severe symptoms and the 0.36% risk of death—and most of that risk is shouldered by the elderly with multiple medical conditions.

That demographic may benefit from choosing to take the vaccine. There is no justification whatsoever to force anyone to take it.

The government claims these measures will ‘further reduce the risk of transmission’ and ‘minimise the risk of outbreaks’. The risk of severe illness and death is already minimal to begin with for those not in the at-risk demographic, and the vaccine does not prevent transmission. With the majority of the population vaccinated, it is highly likely that it’s the vaccinated who are spreading the virus. The unvaccinated will isolate themselves when they develop symptoms, but the vaccinated may not know they are carrying the virus because they’re less likely to develop symptoms.

Is there data to prove or disprove this? I don’t know. The government has stopped breaking down cases and deaths by vaccination status. The very fact that the government chooses to hide the data suggests that the data is telling a story that runs counter to the government’s narrative. We must assume the worst.

If the government truly wants to reduce transmission to the absolute minimum, the logical thing to do would be to lock down the vaccinated. This is the only way to ensure that silent superspreaders do not circulate in the community. But that’s assuming the government is actually interested in serving you.

The Establishment serves its interests. It does not serve you. Wherever your interests and theirs intersect, they may help you, but wherever they do not, they won’t.

Big Pharma stands to earn billions of dollars in profits over the coming years by selling vaccines and drugs. They will push the narrative that their products will save the world. The more drugs you have to take, the more they money they make.

Big Government gets to increase its power over the people. Countries friendly to Big Pharma will earn hundreds of millions in investment dollars—much of it the same money the government gave them to buy their products. They will do everything in their power to push the vaccines on their people.

Big Media and Big Tech see a chance to expand their influence even further. By spreading the narrative and censoring everyone who disagrees with it, they increase the power they wield over the world. By supporting Big Pharma and Big Government, they earn more access, more influence, more power.

And what about us? We the people, the citizens, the ordinary humans who just want to get on with our lives?

They don’t care about us.

The Covid vaccine is not a miracle drug. It offers slight protection for a short period of time, no more. Yet it still wears the mantle of long-established vaccines, which do confer long-lasting sterilizing protection. The Establishment is trying to convince you that the Covid vaccine is just like other vaccines we know. When they can no longer do that, they change the definition of ‘vaccine’ to a drug that ‘protects’ against a pathogen but not necessarily prevent the transmission.

Covid vaccination is not about public health. A vaccine that cannot prevent transmission is a vaccine that does not protect the public. Yet through the mental association with previous vaccines, the Establishment continues to present the narrative that the vaccine protects everyone—but only if you take the vaccine too.

Lockdowns and mandates are not about public health. The virus will continue to spread regardless of lockdowns, mandates, Covid passports and other restrictions. Governments enforce them anyway, because the situation presents an opportunity to expand their powers. Anyone who violates these mandates are presented as infection risks—not because they spread the virus, but so that the government can justify the continued restrictions to the public and punish those who do not comply. This polarises the country, propelling the pro-government side even more deeply into the embrace of the state.

None of these measures are about Covid at all.

The vaccination is a combined loyalty and compliance test. First the government takes away your freedoms, claiming it is for your own good, then promises that it will give back some of those freedoms, if only you take the shot. By taking the vaccine, you show that you will comply with the government. The government then rewards you by giving you a little bit of freedom. For those who do not comply, the government will continue taking away their freedoms. When something inconvenient happens, like in the case of Austria, the government can take back those freedoms and blame the unvaccinated for forcing their hand. Having shown that you will comply with government coercion, the government is confident that you will place pressure on the unvaccinated people in your circles. When your vaccination status expires, you must take the vaccine again or lose your limited freedoms, further reinforcing compliance.

This is not about public health. This is about conditioning you to obey the government for fear of losing your freedoms, your job, your friends and your family.

If the government can coerce you into compliance over a virus with a survival rate of over 99%, they can coerce you into complying with anything. They can make you believe anything they want. They can make you hate anybody they want you to hate one day, then the next they can turn the mob against you. They can justify punishing anybody who refuses to comply. With vaccines, they set the precedent. Through compliance, you show your consent to future campaigns.

Once you are used to the idea of showing your vaccine passport everywhere you go, the passport will expand to include an all-in-one social credit system, tracking not just your health data, but also your loyalty and compliance with the government. After that, you can be locked out from the world just for saying something that the government does not approve of.

Our true struggle is not with Covid. The virus did not impose lockdowns, mandates and restrictions. The virus did not disrupt the economy. The virus did not divide friends, families and societies. The virus did not take jobs away from the unvaccinated. The virus did not force you to take the vaccine. The virus did not demand your compliance. The virus did not scapegoat the unvaccinated.

The Establishment did.

Our struggle is for the future of our families, the nation, and humanity. We stand at the precipice of a thousand years of darkness. The Establishment wants to dominate you through a combination of fear, punishment, propaganda, scapegoating, and temporary rewards. They want you to take drugs with only a limited window of effectiveness, forcing you to continue taking them in the future. They want you to believe only what they want you to believe. They want to hold so much power over you, yet there is one thing they cannot take from you.

Your choice.

They cannot control your mind and drive your body to the vaccination centre to get the jab. They can try to persuade you through narratives and propaganda. They can try to pressure you by taking away freedoms. They can try to turn your social circles against you. They can try to deceive you into thinking that you have no choice. They can punish you for a making a choice they don’t want. But they cannot choose for you.

You must choose.

Choosing compliance is so easy. Just two little jabs and all the pressure goes away. You get to go out again. You get to keep your job. Your friends and families will stop nagging you. Big Media will call you responsible, caring, virtuous, heroic.

That is deliberate. They inflict immense short-term pain so that you will not look at the long-term costs, then celebrate your ‘choice’ if you comply with coercion and take away the pain. Not all of the pain. Just enough to leave you in no doubt that they can continue to punish you if you do not comply further.

By choosing compliance, you choose to give them control over your life, and the lives of those around you. Today it is the vaccine. Tomorrow? It could be the food you eat, the water and electricity you use, the clothes you buy, the car you drive, the religion you follow, the movies you watch, the books you read, the politicians you vote for, the way you raise your children.

After all, you already let them control your body. Once they have one bit of you, it is easier to seize control of everything else.

Non-compliance brings huge amounts of pain and the possibility of loss. But recognize this:

Once you lose everything, you are free.

When the government takes away everything from you, they have no power over you. They have nothing left to control you with. They cannot punish you further. You are free.

You are free to create income streams that do not require you to take the jab.

You are free to find friends and associate with relatives who don’t care about your vaccination status.

You are free to ignore everything the Establishment says.

You are free to live your live in a way that bypasses every Covid regulation.

They don’t want you to see that. Once you see it, you realize that you can live a life completely detached from the structures of power. No Big Media telling you what to believe, no Big Tech controlling what you see, no Big Pharma forcing you to take drugs that don’t work, no Big Government coercing you. When you live your life in such a way that they cannot touch you, they are powerless over you.

This is what they are afraid of.

Even if they jail you and force the vaccine into you, they still cannot make you choose to support them. They cannot make you do anything beyond the absolute minimum needed to get by. They cannot make you choose slavery.

You cannot comply your way out of tyranny. It only guarantees more tyranny. You must say no. You must refuse to participate in a system of oppression.

We know it works. Moscow scrapped the vaccine passport when the people said no. Large corporations all across America scrapped mandates when their employees said no. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals imposed an injunction on Biden’s vaccine mandate when the people said no.

It will be hard. Singapore has no modern tradition of civic participation. The government holds almost all the the power. Compliance is easy. Non-compliance means you may lose everything.

But remember: when you have nothing, you are free.

Previously the government said that starting 1 January, workers must undergo daily ART tests before they can return to the office. We must assume that this is no longer valid: operate under the assumption that unvaccinated workers will not be allowed to return to the workplace—even if they are not medically ineligible for the vaccine.

If you are in this position, make them fire you. Until 1 January, there is no reason for any employer to fire you for not taking the vaccine. If you cannot work from home, then you must find a way to secure other job opportunities. This may mean becoming an online freelancer, going into cryptocurrency trading, starting an online business, or lining up job interviews with businesses that will not discriminate. If your boss fires you before 1 January, get evidence and fight the dismissal in the Ministry of Manpower and in the courts. Should your boss allow you to stay in the workplace even if you’re not vaccinated, understand that you and he are on tenuous ground until or unless you remove that vulnerability. You must become antifragile, and that means finding sources of income that are immune to disruption.

If your school demands that you or your children get vaccinated, make them expel you (or them). The truth of the matter is, you don’t need formal education—more specifically, you don’t need the paper qualification that comes with completing formal education. You don’t need paper to get a job. There’s a lot of free or cheap content on the Internet that can pass on the skills you need to earn a living. Many professions like software developer and freelance content writer don’t require a degree, just relevant skills. Or you could simply be your own boss. Even though I have a university degree, I never actually had to deploy it in any job I held. It will be difficult to get a ‘conventional’ job without a paper degree, to be sure, but remember that skills, not paper, counts. Start brainstorming your career options now, then secure the skills you need to obtain them.

If your friends demand that you take the vaccine or they won’t socialize with you, they are not your friends. Friends do not manipulate friends into taking an experimental and dangerous vaccine. Find new friends. Likewise, cut all toxic people and manipulators out of your life. Life is difficult enough; you don’t need petty people pressuring you even more.

If you get wind of a legal campaign to challenge Covid restrictions and mandates, support it and spread the word. For example, human rights lawyer M Ravi is running one such campaign. Han Hui Hui is also operating another campaign. Support them however you can.

Minimize your consumption of ‘official’ media. You don’t need junk information clogging your brain. Whenever you have to read the news, always keep in mind that every word they speak is meant to drive their narrative. Never forget that they do not have your interests in mind, only theirs. Wherever possible, seek out independent experts and news sources instead.

Do not take the vaccine against your will. Do not pressure others to take the vaccine. Do not support any business that requires proof of vaccination.

Keep asking the hard questions. Questions like:

  • If restrictions work, why impose even more on a tiny minority? If restrictions don’t work, why impose even more on a tiny minority?
  • If the Covid vaccines work, why force people to take the shot? If the Covid vaccines don’t work, why force people to take the shot?
  • If the new Covid antiviral pill works, why do we need vaccine checks and restrictions?
  • Who is spreading the virus? Why does the government refuse to disclose the number of cases and deaths by vaccination status?
  • Where is the virus being spread? Is it in places that conduct vaccine checks to keep out the unvaccinated?
  • Will Singaporeans lose their fully vaccinated status five months and two weeks after the second jab? How many more booster shots will the people have to take?
  • The government says Covid is ‘endemic’. What are the indicators for a complete end of restrictions? What is the government’s tolerance level for new infections?

The opposition is not going to ask those questions. The media is not going to ask those questions. You need to ask them for yourself.

Find a tribe with similar values. Work together to get through this. Coordinate purchases, essential services, information sharing, job information, everything you and everybody else needs to survive. This is the most critical part.

The Establishment does not care about us. Therefore, we must save ourselves.

No one else will.

I am not calling for insurgency or revolution, but the spirit of independence and antifragility in Babylon Red might give you some ideas.

They Don’t Care About Us

17 thoughts on “They Don’t Care About Us

  1. Will echo our host in urging everyone to develop alternative income streams. Right now Australia is effectively under “no jab, no job”, but I am personally getting reports from people I know that many people are working off the books. Construction and building sites have vaxxed workers by day; by night, the unvaxxed work for cash off the books. Manpower is at a serious shortage, and yet none of their established unions are fighting against the Australian government.

    It is not hopeless. People are finding lots of ways to make money anyhow. The Singaporean government has long claimed it wants people to be entrepreneurs. Well, it’s time to be one.

    Don’t give into a spirit of fear.

  2. Excellent narrative. Clear and concise. I wish there are more people standing up to the “gangster way “ of arm twisting it’s citizens to comply to something we know do not work. Now our personal freedom becomes a permitted favour. You are given a little freedom when you obey when the freedom is yours in the first place. Now as it were the government is doing you a favour by protecting the unvaccinated 🙈🤭😷
    Since when in the history since our independence has our government been so concerned so caring and so compassionate over the welfare of a few. They know that we know that there is something they don’t want us to know and the way to silent these minority is to strangle them to a slow death. Sad.

  3. well written piece, thanks Benjamin for the reminder that whether FV, PV or UV we’re all in the same boat because none of us will ever truly be fully vaccinated. i think eventually more people will wake up as they go for their 3rd, 4th, 5th dose. meanwhile, is there any avenue to connect people together? like how people in other nations do for their off-grid homestead?

    1. You’re welcome.

      It’s very difficult to go off-grid in Singapore. The country is just too small.

      The local community connects over social media. Facebook, Twitter, and now Telegram. You can start with Healing the Divide, Covid La Kopi, and SG Concerned Parents.

  4. it is the same people who ban free parking for teachers in schools.

    very small minded and basically warped mind and soul type.

  5. I am SO glad for your clear voice in the swirling cacophony of Hellish propaganda and barefaced lies. Supporting you by making your posts go viral. Keep going. Truth will prevail finally!!

  6. Thank you for these well written articles. It is a sad state of affairs in Singapore. Wonderful to know and read about another fellow Singaporean thinking critically and articulating it so succinctly. Thank you Benjamin!

  7. Excellent piece, a voice of reason, a rarity these days. Vaccine injuries and adverse reactions aside, just the plain compliance to such draconian measures is threatens the future of basic human rights in this country. I’m glad to see like-minded individuals like you out there, I hope this pieces gains more traction, I’ll be sharing it with people dear to me. Thank you Benjamin.

  8. I am a Singaporean who left the country for about 20 years living in different countries.
    I am unvaccinated and currently in Eastern Europe.
    Up to this point of time, I took 15 PCR tests in different countries, 1 Antigen and the results were all negative.
    The nurse took 2 tubes of blood yesterday and tested me for IgA and IgG.

    My IgG was negative but my IgA is 20.8% higher than the average benchmark.
    This shows that my immune system is fighting the virus naturally. I would like to show you my test results and have a chat with you because I think that the vaccine mandate and regulations is NOT only violating human rights but also NOT based on scientific logic. I am currently in a country that is 6 hours behind Singapore.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Thanks for writing in, but I think you can hold off on sending personal information over the Net, especially on a publicly-visible comment.

      And, yes, I think can agree that the vaccine mandate and related regulations aren’t based on scientific results. If anything, the papers I’m reading suggest that mass vaccination just makes things worse…

  9. Referring to a ST article on 21 Nov, apparently the govt is covering Covid medical bills for even vaccinated non-Singaporeans who are PRs and long term pass holders, while requiring unvaccinated Singaporeans to pay in full. This is quite unimaginable. Even non citizens are treated better than citizens. And disallowing unvaccinated from accessing some of the essentials like visits to their loved ones in hospitals, eateries with families is deeply inhumane. It’s very troubling to see our government going down this rather inhumane and divisive path for the society.

  10. Interesting that the government has not POFMAed the statement “the vaccine does not work”. There is probably truth to this statement. And for all the portions that have not been POFMAed against. It is just a pity that MTF would not acknowledge these concerns and do something that is deemed more fair.

    1. Interesting, isn’t it?

      It makes a man wonder what the point of POFMA is in the first place.

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