Month: June 2022

How to Not Lose Money From Self-Publishing

Singaporean author John Lim wrote an article on TODAY describing the challenges he faced as a self-published author. Being a self-published author myself, I sympathise with his situation. With that said, he made the kind of mistakes that the successful self-pubbed author cannot afford to make. I am Singapore’s first Hugo and Dragon Award nominated […]

Super Summer Book Sale 2022!

Sick of woke culture? Looking for exciting indie fiction? The Super Summer Book Sale has got you covered. Organized by Hans Schantz, there are over 150 titles priced at $0.99 or FREE! The sale is so massive, it is split into three sections. You can find the details here. The sale runs from 15 to […]

Building a Parallel Society

Man is a social animal. It is the greatest strength and fundamental failing of humanity. Through collaboration and cooperation, humanity has conquered the elements, built wonders that lasted the ages, and explored the deepest oceans and the frontiers of space. By means of manipulation, propaganda, influence, coercion, peer pressure and excommunication, tyrants and their minions […]

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