The Logistics of Dungeon Warfare

Amateurs talk tactics. Professionals study logistics. Fantasy authors ignore both. While (probably) an exaggeration, rarely will you find fantasy stories that pay attention to the logistics of supporting a military. Even in allegedly military fantasy tales, you’ll find stupendously huge armies that require neither salaries nor supplies, ridiculous tactics that work because the plot demands […]

1 Week to Dungeon Samurai Kickstarter!

I’m extremely excited to announce that the Kickstarter for the Dungeon Samurai trilogy will launch on 7 February 2019, exactly one week from now. It will be my virgin crowdfunding campaign, and my first full series to be published under the name Kit Sun Cheah. The full description follows: — Yamada Yuuki is an ordinary […]

Have Cash, Will Conjure

“What about Vandemeer?” Jansen asked. “Did you do a séance too?” I shrugged. “I tried. Dry hole.” “Your file says you’re Tier One. You served in the Arcane Legion for twelve years, over half that in the Special Operations Support Detachment, with multiple combat tours. You couldn’t call him back?” “I’m listed as Tier One […]

The Black Watch Part 8

One Target, One Team The Sentinel’s wings were clipped, but she could still drive. Karim worked the pedals with two leaden feet, breaking every traffic law and taking every turn at dangerous speeds. Dozens of voices chattered over the radio, dribbling out information piecemeal. Yamamoto sat in the shotgun seat, silently processing it all. “The […]

The Black Watch Part 6

The Shard Karim flew. Yamamoto manned the radio. In the rear, the rest of the team reorganized and readied their kit. Karim dedicated half his brain to controlling the Sentinel, the other half monitoring the radio. “Control to all callsigns, be advised, two active killers reported at Singularity Network, Shard One. Witnesses report two suspects […]

The Black Watch Part 4

The Face of the Enemy “What do we do?” Karim asked. “Develop the situation,” Yamamoto said. “We need more info before we can act.” Karim returned to the living room, planting himself in an unoccupied corner. Yamamoto’s voice bounced off the walls and floated through his earpieces; the team leader was updating the team and […]

The Mad Monk of Geylang Part 5

  Successful magic, as with all things, follows the KISS principle: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Forget complicated rituals, rare ingredients, hours-long chants and lengthy evocations of gods and spirits. Once you understand the principles of magic, complexity is a curse. I don’t usually dabble much with rituals myself. But a case like this requires extra […]

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