As Kai Wai Cheah

The Covenant Chronicles

1. No Gods, Only Daimons, Castalia House, 2017 [2017 Dragon Award nominee]

2. Hammer of the Witches, Castalia House, 2018

3. Prince of Shadows, Castalia House, 2020

Song of Karma

1. Hollow City, Silver Empire, 2019

2. Unmasked, Silver Empire, 2020

Short fiction

War Crimes, Riding the Red Horse, ed. Tom Kratman and Vox Day, Castalia House, 2014

Flashpoint: Titan, There Will Be War Vol. X, ed. Jerry Pournelle, Castalia House, 2015 [2016 Hugo Award nominee]

We Bury Our Own, Lyonesse, ed. Russell Newquist, Silver Empire, 2017

Nightstick, Paragons, ed. Morgan Newquist, Silver Empire, 2017

Hostile Takeover, Planetary: Mars, ed. Jon Del Arroz, Superversive Press, 2018

As Kit Sun Cheah

Dungeon Samurai

1. Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze, 2019

2. Dungeon Samurai Vol. 2: Kami no Kishi, 2019

3. Dungeon Samurai Vol. 3: Seisen, 2019


Babylon Blues, 2020

Singularity Sunrise

1. Edenet, 2020

2. The Silicon Road, 2020

3. The Digital Veil, 2020

Short fiction

Two Lives, Steemit, 2017

Invincible, Steemit, 2017

Night Demons, Steemit, 2017

Redemption Road, Steemit, 2017

Front Sight, Steemit, 2018

The Shanghai Songbird, Steemit, 2018

The Last Post, Steemit, 2018

Realm of Beasts, Steemit, 2018

The Eternal Legion, Steemit, 2018

Instrument of Wrath, Steemit, 2018

A Blade for Monsters, Steemit, 2018

The Mad Monk of Geylang, Steemit, 2018

The Black Watch, Steemit 2018

The Green Bliss, Steemit, 2018

The One Law, Steemit, 2018

Have Cash, Will Conjure, Steemit, 2018

Red River, Steemit, 2019

The Golden Mile, Steemit, 2019

The Judge of the Wastes, Steemit, 2019

Babylon Blues, Steemit, 2019

Wolves of Babylon, Hive, 2020

Sheriff of Moreno, Hive, 2020

River of Blood, Hive, 2020


Sane in a Crazy World, 2020

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