American Heirs

Series brief: Humanity is recovering from a global collapse. In North America, civilisation centres on the Republic of Cascadia in the Pacific Northwest, which claims to be the inheritor of the old North American Union. But not everyone agrees with this. The Sons of America are fomenting dissent in the Yellow Zone, preparing to incite a revolution. On the East Coast, a New America is born, and marches west to reclaim the continent for civilisation. There is only enough room on the continent for one great power, and as the conflict escalates, in the digital infrastructure of the Republic of Cascadia, a machine god awakes.

American Heirs is conceptualised as a novel trilogy with a supplementary novella trilogy. The novels follow the core story of the clash of civilisations. The novellas peek over the shoulder of Master Sergeant Christopher Miller, bridging the gap between the novels with keystone stories and campaigns.

1. American Sons


In the battle to preserve civilisation from the ravages of post-post-apocalyptic America, the Republic of Cascadia counts on the elite Combat Studies Unit. When a raid on a hacker collective yields disturbing intelligence, Unit operator Master Sergeant Christopher Miller and his men must battle an emerging terrorist threat and prevent the coming of a second Apocalypse.

(Novella, about 23800 words)

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2. Keepers of the Flame

In the wake of a global collapse, the Republic of Cascadia promises peace, prosperity and security. But these promises ring hollow in the shanties and slums of the Yellow Zone. The Sons of America, once driven underground, have returned to spark a revolution.

Master Sergeant Christopher Miller, team leader in Cascadia’s elite Combat Studies Unit, stands at the front line, ready to seek out and destroy the SOA wherever they appear. But the SOA is not the only threat Cascadia faces.

On the other side of the continent, a new American empire marshals its forces and marches west. Its mission: to restore the old United States, by any means necessary. Cascadia has no place in this grand vision, and there is only enough room in North America for one great power.

As the body count grows and strategems unfold, Miller must confront enemies as cunning as they are ruthless, at home and abroad. Yet while mere humans struggle for supremacy, in the unseen spaces of Cascadia’s digital networks, a machine god awakes.

(Novel, about 130,000 words)

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3. I, Eschaton

Master Sergeant Christopher Miller has returned home from war, but war has come home to find him.

The Sons of America are targeting the Wilshaw Foundation, and Miller’s lover, Sarah Grey, is at the top of their hit list. To survive, Miller must go underground with Sarah. But to prevail, they must ally themselves with the enigmatic artificial intelligence that calls itself Eschaton.

An extension of the smart networks that underpin the Republic of Cascadia, the AI offers contacts, resources and the full power of the national security apparatus. But at what price?

(Novella, about 47,000 words)

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