Confessions of A Keyboard Monkey

Imagine a monkey in a cubicle hammering away at a keyboard—forever.

This is the hidden underbelly of modern civilization. A nameless, faceless army of IT-savvy workers who perform tasks too sophisticated for machines yet too dreary for men. Paid peanuts, shut out of meaningful career paths, and completely replaceable, they become little more than monkeys chained to keyboards.

This book is how you break free.

Hugo- and Dragon Award nominated writer Kit Sun Cheah shares a collection of life lessons from a lifetime of dead-end work, soul-crushing tedium, abject failure, and the occasional triumph. One part memoir, one part philosophical treatise, it is the musings of a man who refuses to become a monkey.

Touching on Zen and Daoism, meditation and martial arts, and far more than you ever wanted to know about ISO document drafting and resume writing, it is a manual for mindfulness for the modern world.

In a world that seeks to crush your spirit and turn you into a monkey, there is only one option left:

Take back your humanity.

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Want to make the most out of this book?

The Complete Edition contains the main book plus 50 pages of additional content! These worksheets include:

  • Self-analysis tools and strategies
  • How to choose the way you feel about something
  • Methods to yield into difficult situations and produce superior results
  • How to attract the people you like and repel the ones you don’t
  • Deep meditation exercises to rewire your brain

The worksheets in the Complete Edition will show you how to transform your life, supercharge your self-development, and unlock your true potential.

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