Short Fiction


At All Costs

On the misnamed world of Paradise, the Republic of Eden and the Terran Federation battle over the only island that can support life. The Edenists have deployed a psychic sensor net that grants them information dominance. The Terrans reply with Viper Team, an elite squad of psychic commandos. The team is inserted into the island to wrest control of the sensors, paving the way for a ground invasion. Viper Team must not fail. Their only option is victory. At all costs.

(Novella, about 25800 words)

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War Crimes

On the joint colony world of Confluence, a shell-shocked soldier stands accused of war crimes. A journalist interviews him to discover the truth.

(Short story, about 6100 words)

First published in Riding the Red Horse,  ed. Vox Day and Tom Kratman, Castalia House, December 2014

Flashpoint: Titan

A Japanese torch ship on a test run finds itself embroiled in a power play on the distant moon of Titan.

Hugo Award Finalist for Best Novella, 2016

First published in There Will Be War Vol. X, ed. Jerry Pournelle, Castalia House, 2015

Human Strain

A small group of resistance fighters embark on a last-ditch mission to save their homeworld from a relentless invader.

First published in SNAFU: Future Warfare, ed. Amanda J Spedding and Geoff Brown, Cohesion Press, 2016