Singularity Sunrise

The Singularity is coming!

Humanity stands on the brink of a technological revolution. Beyond the singularity lies the promise of a future of uncontrollable, unimaginable technological growth. In the shadows, governments, terrorists and megacorps war for control of epoch-defining technologies. For every man who wants to live in freedom, there is a tyrant who dreams of world domination through superintelligent but soulless machines. 

The future of humanity lies in the hands of a few. James Morgan, a psychic spy out of place in a rapidly-changing world. Lithsmen Security Solutions, a team of elite mercenaries. Anatol Corporation, a megacorp renowned for bleeding-edge tech–including an AI that might be the harbinger of the Singularity, or the doom of humanity. 

Will man and machine find a way to peaceful co-existence? Or will the world be crushed under the boots of machine gods?

Book 0: Once a Psi (FREE PREQUEL!)

Book 1: Edenet

Book 2: The Silicon Road

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