The Covenant Chronicles

The War on Terror goes supernatural!

Black ops agent Luke Landon is a steadfast atheist. All his life he has believed in no gods, only daimons and the terror they bring in their wake.

Until the fateful day he is chosen by an archangel to confront the ultimate embodiment of evil.

With a ruthless terrorist organization wreaking havoc across the West, a global conspiracy seeking to dominate the world, and the forces of the Void seeking to claim his soul, can Landon win through and save his immortal soul?


No Gods, Only Daimons (The Covenant Chronicles Book 1) by [Cheah, Kai Wai]

No Gods, Only Daimons

Hammer of the Witches (The Covenant Chronicles Book 2) by [Cheah, Kai Wai]

Hammer of the Witches

Prince of Shadows

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