Babylon Blues

Babylon Blues Part 6

“Lycan, find Zen. Everyone else, security positions. Go dark,” Yamamoto ordered. The team sprang into motion like a well-oiled machine. Every electronic device went into RFID-blocking pockets and pouches. Long guns emerged from cases and slung around necks. The Black Watch swiveled outwards, pulling three-sixty degrees of security, carbines at the ready. Karim Mustafa closed […]

Babylon Blues Part 5

Prairie Fire When the New Gods and the government were after you, paranoia became your way of life. Yamamoto led Fox on a long surveillance detection run. Following the textbook, they wound through alleys, stalled at green lights and sped through yellow ones, alternated their speed at random times. Yamamoto went one step further, hopping […]

Babylon Blues Part 4

Already Gone The door shuddered again. Yamamoto whipped up his phone and pulled up an app. A camera feed filled the screen. The lobby was flooded with tactical cops. Helmets, balaclavas, eye protection, radio headsets, body armor, carbines. The two cops at the head of the stack carried ballistic shields and pistols. Every gun was […]

Babylon Blues Part 3

Swords or Humans The operators of the STS lived a nomadic lifestyle. Each of them owned multiple safehouses, multiple vehicles, even multiple identities if the threat was high enough, all of them prepared and paid for by the Federal government. The moment they stepped outside the fortified STS headquarters, they played a shell game, switching […]

Babylon Blues Part 1

Cherchez La Femme Cherchez La Femme was the grand dame of the Babylon nightlife scene. The hottest women, the biggest sounds, the friendliest staff, they could all be found here. Celebrities and drug lords, salarymen and self-made men, there was a place for everyone who walked past its double doors. Including a washed-up former law […]

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