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The Wind Blows From the West Part 10

you can move.” Lee helped Cheung out of the wagon and on his feet. Cheung walked a little, wobbling, but quickly gained strength. “Thank—thank you,” Cheung said. Lanterns appeared behind them, followed by shouts. “We’re not done yet,” he said. “Come on.” “Where’s Ayan?” “Dead. We have to go.” They ran for the steam car […]

The Wind Blows From the West Part 9

As Lee left the inn, he heard a low metal growl. The steam engine was warmed up and ready to go. There was only one undertype steam wagon in the inn’s parking lot, and Tung was leaning against the cab waiting for him. She slid off the metal. She stared at him, then beyond him. […]

The Wind Blows From The West Part 8

Lee led Tung to his room. It was just large enough to fit a cot, his luggage, and a wardrobe. She leaned against a wall, and he stood opposite her. “I peeked inside Cheung’s trade goods,” she said. “They were Bibles.” Lee breathed sharply, and exhaled just as hard. “Explains a lot.” “Yes. He’s a […]

The Wind Blows From the West Part 7

They made good time on the road, arriving in the next town by late afternoon. Instead of checking in at an inn, Cheung insisted on going straight to his local contact. Ayan parked the wagon outside a short, squat building. The sign above the door read ‘New World Printers’.   As Lee leapt off the back, […]

The Wind Blows From the West Part 6

The shootout had left Cheung shaken. When they rolled into town they discovered the nearest inn had closed for the night. After a brief debate, they passed the hours before sunup parked outside the inn. The risk takers took turns to guard the wagon, while the civilians tried to rest. Tung and Lee had more […]

The Wind Blows From The West Part 5

The sun fell quickly in this part of the world. Cheung blew on his hands in a vain attempt to keep them warm. Lee willed chi to heat up his hands. Lee still felt the drop in temperature, but his fingers would be able to pull a trigger. Cheung ignited the wagon’s acetylene lamps. The […]

The Wind Blows from The West Part 4

A rogue wind delayed the landing for a little over an hour. When the trio finally left the airship and picked up their luggage, Cheung led them through the sprawling, sparkling new aerodrome. A hired porter handled the trade goods, ten heavy chests, on a pushcart. At the exit, a short, dark man with bulging […]

The Wind Blows from The West Part 3

They met again the following week on the airship. Lee had boarded in the evening at nine, found his cabin, and passed the night in silence and solitude. Cheung said he would assemble the crew in the dining compartment to discuss the trip over breakfast. Lee showed up in his trail clothing. White cotton tunic […]

The Wind Blows from the West Part 2

Opening the door, Lee was greeted by an unfamiliar sound. Harsh, brassy metal punching against something harder. The noise came from several ball-like contraptions on the desks in front of him. Young women hammered away at keys that sprouted across the balls on long spines. They were Malling Writing Balls. He’d read about such things, […]

The Wind Blows From The West Part 1

Since he’d last been in the city, reconstruction and urban development had overridden his memories. Now a citywide steam tram service plied the streets, alongside rickshaws and steam cars, all of them imported, all of them driven by locals. When he was a child, most road traffic was velocipedes and sedan chairs and bullock carts. […]

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