THE WEIGHT OF KARMA now available!

The Weight of Karma

The next adventure in the Michael Chang series is now available! You can find it on my ebook store, Smashwords and Amazon.

Synopsis as follows:

The alluring Shivakti, last seen in WATCHMAN, comes to Michael Chang. A demon is haunting her home, and she needs his help to drive it out.

But the demon isn’t what she says it is…and neither is she. Surrounded by lies and moral ambiguity, and wrapped up in plots mortal and divine, Michael Chang needs to find a way to the light. In doing so, he seeks justice for downtrodden migrant workers, penetrates the dark heart of the repatriation industry, and must prevent a war between two rival gods.

While this book is standalone, I encourage you to read the previous books in the series for a fuller understanding of the characters and situation. Especially Watchman. (Big hint!)

The Mages' Game

The sequel to Watchman, The Mages’ Game, is now available!

The Mages’ Game, an ebook, follows Michael Chang after the events of Watchman.

Here’s the blurb from Smashwords:

Michael Chang is tired. The violence of his past is coming to haunt him. He’s losing his touch, the edge that kept him ahead of his enemies. Then he meets a fellow magician, and quickly makes a new, formidable enemy. To survive, he must pull himself out of the doldrums, pick up new skills, and find his way back to the path of the magus.

Watchman is currently available on Smashwords and this blog’s ebook store.