Military Science Fiction

Espionage in a Cyberpunk World

Information is king. In a world where empires rise and fall with the news cycle, where machines gorge on seas of data and produce oceans of information, where a single publicized fact is more devastating than an atomic bomb, information is the lifeblood of civilizations. In Singularity Sunrise, where advances in critical technologies produce a […]

Babylon Blues Part 8

Story Behind the Story The team reconvened at their secondary rally point. Hartsock National Park, a thin strip of green that bifurcated Cape Rockaway, an arm of land that jutted out into Babylon Bay and gently curled back like a horn. Located in the shadow of Babylon International Airport, aircraft screeched overhead at regular intervals. […]

Babylon Blues Part 5

Prairie Fire When the New Gods and the government were after you, paranoia became your way of life. Yamamoto led Fox on a long surveillance detection run. Following the textbook, they wound through alleys, stalled at green lights and sped through yellow ones, alternated their speed at random times. Yamamoto went one step further, hopping […]

Babylon Blues Part 4

Already Gone The door shuddered again. Yamamoto whipped up his phone and pulled up an app. A camera feed filled the screen. The lobby was flooded with tactical cops. Helmets, balaclavas, eye protection, radio headsets, body armor, carbines. The two cops at the head of the stack carried ballistic shields and pistols. Every gun was […]

Babylon Blues Part 1

Cherchez La Femme Cherchez La Femme was the grand dame of the Babylon nightlife scene. The hottest women, the biggest sounds, the friendliest staff, they could all be found here. Celebrities and drug lords, salarymen and self-made men, there was a place for everyone who walked past its double doors. Including a washed-up former law […]

Red River Part 13

Dewdrop World One can’t challenge an Executive Assistant Director of the PSB without consequences. Mere minutes after Pearce left, a barrage of orders came down from above. The mission was declared complete, with all operational duties handed over to the Riveria field office and local ESWAT team. All STS operators would catch the first flight […]

Red River Part 12

The Balance The conference room was small but cozy, befitting the intimate and confidential nature of this meeting. Executive Assistant Director Robert Pearce, wearing a bespoke blue suit of fine silk, leaned back in his chair and smiled at his three guests. “I am pleased to report that the Public Security Bureau has smashed the […]

Red River Part 11

House of Shadows The operators stayed aboveground for fifteen minutes. Long enough to replace their expended magazines with spares from their vehicles. Long enough for the RPD to swoop down and form an outer perimeter. Long enough for the flying ambulances to recover the former hostages and send them to hospital. As the last ambulance […]

Red River Part 10

Shots Fired “Shots fired, shots fired inside the office,” Fox called. “Anybody got eyes on?” Yamamoto asked. “I can’t see inside the office from here.” “Negative visual here,” Wood said. “Lycan?” “I’m…” He inhaled sharply. “I’m tapped out. Sorry.” “We need to go. Now,” Connor said. “Agreed,” Yamamoto said. “Deadeye, send us a snapshot of […]

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