Red River

Red River Part 13

Dewdrop World One can’t challenge an Executive Assistant Director of the PSB without consequences. Mere minutes after Pearce left, a barrage of orders came down from above. The mission was declared complete, with all operational duties handed over to the Riveria field office and local ESWAT team. All STS operators would catch the first flight […]

Red River Part 12

The Balance The conference room was small but cozy, befitting the intimate and confidential nature of this meeting. Executive Assistant Director Robert Pearce, wearing a bespoke blue suit of fine silk, leaned back in his chair and smiled at his three guests. “I am pleased to report that the Public Security Bureau has smashed the […]

Red River Part 11

House of Shadows The operators stayed aboveground for fifteen minutes. Long enough to replace their expended magazines with spares from their vehicles. Long enough for the RPD to swoop down and form an outer perimeter. Long enough for the flying ambulances to recover the former hostages and send them to hospital. As the last ambulance […]

Red River Part 10

Shots Fired “Shots fired, shots fired inside the office,” Fox called. “Anybody got eyes on?” Yamamoto asked. “I can’t see inside the office from here.” “Negative visual here,” Wood said. “Lycan?” “I’m…” He inhaled sharply. “I’m tapped out. Sorry.” “We need to go. Now,” Connor said. “Agreed,” Yamamoto said. “Deadeye, send us a snapshot of […]

Red River Part 9

SafeKeep The House of Shadows looked nothing like a church. It was a simple brick building, five stories tall, painted in cheerful blues and reds. The signboard said ‘SAFEKEEP SELF-STORAGE SOLUTIONS’. There were no altars to the Lord and Lady of Shadows in a three-block radius. No iconography, no goons hanging around. A perfectly innocent […]

Red River Part 8

To The Knife Even the New Gods had rules for war. Never shed the blood of the innocent. Never whack a cop in cold blood. Never, ever, target the Speakers of rival gods. But the Court of Shadows weren’t sticklers for rules. The Speakers of the New Gods served many roles. They defined and codified […]

Red River Part 7

Sicario “The suspect you arrested has cracked,” Pearce said. “He’s a captain within the ranks of the Guzman Cartel, and privy to a number of operational secrets. Among them is the existence of a group of elite killers operating in Riveria. These sicarios are all Elect, heavily armed, and highly dangerous. Taking them out will […]

Red River Part 6

  After The Fire Twenty four hours on, twenty four off. After dropping off the suspect at the PSB field office, Connor and Yamamoto topped off their ammo and hitched a ride back to Three Rivers. Until the shift was over, they couldn’t relax. Even so, the massive gunfight had a chilling effect on the […]

Red River Part 5

The Lady of Sorrows The Elect ran. The operators pursued. “Sheriff Three, Samurai. I want this guy alive. Someone has to answer has to answer for this mess. Follow him, but don’t shoot if you can avoid it. State Green.” “Acknowledged, Samurai,” the pilot replied. ROE State Green was the strictest set of Rules of […]

Red River Part 4

The Destroyer A terrible force flung Connor to the ground. He tucked his chin and curled up. His backpack slammed into his back. Gasping, he rolled to his left, bleeding off the energy, and forced himself up to a knee. Chaos. People ran screaming and shouting in every direction. Pillars of smoke rose from black […]

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