Red River

Red River Part 3

One Night in Three Rivers Overshadowed by sprawling Babylon to the northwest, Riveria was the city of the working class. Babylon was glitz and glamor and gold; Riveria was factories and smokestacks and processing plants. The manufacturing and commercial heart of the nation, Riveria was steeped in blue-collar honesty and mercantile hospitality. Yet, like Babylon, […]

Red River Part 2

New Sheriff in Town “What a goat rope,” Connor declared. “Hey, at least we all got out intact,” Fox said. “Can’t say the same for the other guys.” The men and woman of the Black Watch were gathered around a long oak conference table. Still dressed for war, their presence had caused a stir among […]

Red River Part 1

The Nightmare Scenario This was the nightmare scenario. Multiple active shooters and hostage takers, possibly Elect and/or Husks. Multiple hostages. No way of confirming details, no means of reaching the subjects. No backup. No margin for error. Madness. Will Connor lived for this shit. The SkyBear gravtruck soared silently through the clear autumn morning. Standing […]

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