Redemption Road

Redemption Road Part 5

“What do you mean, he’s gone?” The innkeeper flipped his record book around, showing it to Freeman. “Mr Johnson and his party checked out late last night. Right after the incident at the hospital. See?” Freeman checked the log. Jude Johnson and his drivers had checked out at 0345, about an hour after Freeman and […]

Redemption Road Part 3

Johnson had a fleet of four biodiesel-powered trucks. Clean and cool and quiet. Impossible to find outside the big cities and major polities. He had stocked his vehicles with fuel cans, leaving precious little space for cargo. Or people. The men spread themselves into two teams. Freeman and Sharpe in the lead vehicle with Johnson, […]

Redemption Road Part 1

  Something Something stirred in the dark. Dropping to a knee, William Freeman powered up his helmet-mounted fusion vision goggles. The machine combined night vision and thermal imaging into a single image, delivering it to the heads-up display over his left eye. He saw it. The Bloom. It was a thing that defied classification. It […]

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