Red River Part 5

The Lady of Sorrows The Elect ran. The operators pursued. “Sheriff Three, Samurai. I want this guy alive. Someone has to answer has to answer for this mess. Follow him, but don’t shoot if you can avoid it. State Green.” “Acknowledged, Samurai,” the pilot replied. ROE State Green was the strictest set of Rules of […]

Red River Part 2

New Sheriff in Town “What a goat rope,” Connor declared. “Hey, at least we all got out intact,” Fox said. “Can’t say the same for the other guys.” The men and woman of the Black Watch were gathered around a long oak conference table. Still dressed for war, their presence had caused a stir among […]

Red River Part 1

The Nightmare Scenario This was the nightmare scenario. Multiple active shooters and hostage takers, possibly Elect and/or Husks. Multiple hostages. No way of confirming details, no means of reaching the subjects. No backup. No margin for error. Madness. Will Connor lived for this shit. The SkyBear gravtruck soared silently through the clear autumn morning. Standing […]

The Protector Part 7

The journey out of Bangkok was relatively uneventful. I field-stripped the pistols, balled up the knives with my discarded clothes, and tossed them down separate storm drains. We returned to the hotel long enough to gather our things and check out. That was the most dangerous part of the operation, but I couldn’t burn my […]

The Protector Part 6

“Yes, Mr Cyr, your turn,” Zai said. “We know what you did outside our establishment. While your dedication to your client is admirable, you did hurt our people. We cannot let this pass unavenged.” “You can’t prove I was there.” “Oh? Mr Allondir disagreed. When we approached him, he told us you came to his […]

Have Cash, Will Conjure Part 5

“You gave Federov to the Seebs?” Jansen asked. “Yes,” I said. “So that’s where he went.” Jansen jotted something down. “You were carrying other weapons with you. A pistol and two knives. Why didn’t you use them?” “Why didn’t my client kill Federov, you mean?” Greenwald asked. “Mr. Lee didn’t have to. And if he […]

Have Cash, Will Conjure Part 3

Greenwald leaned forward. “My client would like to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights.” “No, it’s okay,” I said. “Dom—” “Look, we never actually committed a crime.” Jansen sneered. “Really? Sounds to me like a conspiracy to obstruct justice.” “Things aren’t black and white.” I straightened to my full seated height. “I knew Johnson was trouble […]

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