Have Cash, Will Conjure Part 2

Detective Jansen twirled his pen in surprisingly dexterous fingers. “I understand your contract granted you extraordinary powers.” “No more than regular police,” Greenwald said, “only for matters related to this case, and only because Mr. Lee is an accredited private peace officer in the employ of Lithsman Kinetics.” Distaste crawled across the troll’s face. “A […]

Have Cash, Will Conjure Part 1

My lawyer has a reputation for melodrama, and today he was in fine form. “Detective Jansen! Why is my client in a prison jumpsuit?” Abraham Greenwald demanded. Jansen, huge even by troll standards, towered over the diminutive gnome. “Mr. Greenwald, his clothes were soaked with blood. They’re being held for evidence.” “Evidence.” Greenwald sniffed. “My […]

The One Law Part 3

Twenty minutes later, Vincent finally arrived at the rally point. He was wearing the face mask. The inner layer scanned his face using microsensors. The outer layer took the data and randomly changed some elements, presenting a different face to the world. The other killers were already there. Thunder grumbled across the sky. Rain fell […]

The One Law Part 2

Kowloon Edge Cafe was the most distinctive building on the block. Against a row of faded reds and greys, it was the only patch painted in black and saffron. The block stood in the shadow of the Kowloon Arcology, a strange amalgamation of concrete and metal blocks fused into an oddly coherent whole. Thick dark […]

The Green Bliss Part 10

10. Godtech Nobody fucks with the Guild of the Maker. As the team flew back to the island, Wood reviewed what the STS knew about the Guild. It wasn’t a pretty picture. The Singularity Network was obsessed with transcending the human form through cybernetics and with creating the hardware and software needed to upgrade the […]

The Green Bliss Part 9

9. The Mark of the Maker “You don’t do anything halfway, do you?” Commander Joshua Gregory said. Yuri Yamamoto shrugged. “We didn’t have much choice.” Gregory sighed and shook his head. “This is not good. Not for us, not for STS.” After the showdown at the Sheriff’s Department, nowhere on Moreno Island was safe for […]

The Green Bliss Part 8

8. The Betrayal “No,” Yamamoto said. “You’re not in a position to say no,” Matthews said. The four deputies approached, hands resting on their weapons. “Iota Omicron Seven-Two-Eight is a Federal prisoner—” Wood began. “There are laws higher than human ones.” Wood narrowed his eyes. “The Maker?” Matthews nodded. “He who made the world also […]

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